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“Attack those who seek audience with higher-ups”

Wang Keqin recently posted many photos from his trip to a rural Henan town. He was there investigating the AIDS situation, but found these slogans posted all over the town and thought they were interesting. He posted them, in his words, “so that people can understand the relationship between China and seeking audience with higher-ups [上访]”. For those who haven’t seen it before, the term “seeking audience with higher-ups” refers to traveling to Beijing or larger cities to report local government misdeeds to higher authorities. Here are some of Wang’s photos, with translations in the captions:

Attack illegal reporting to higher-ups, defend social stability
"Attack illegal reporting to higher-ups, defend social stability"
Complainants should report all problems directly to the assigned place.
"Complainants should report all problems directly to the assigned place.
Those with complaints shouldnt entrap and attack administrative units of the govt and Party
"Those with complaints shouldn't entrap and attack administrative units of the gov't and Party"
Those with complaints mustnt obstruct traffic/communication.
"Those with complaints mustn't obstruct traffic/communication."

There are several other photos, as well as photos of these same slogans in different spots, at Wang Keqin’s site.

A few comments from the post:

Very harmonious

Using public opinion to put pressure on those who report [things to higher authorities]

As soon as you see this you know it is very corrupt there…

Henan’s bad practices are shocking, and [it] has the habit of blowing [things] out of proportion, really needs reform…

If the people and those who report [to higher authorities] were allowed to make slogan posters, I would make these:
Attack illegal [handling of] complaints/reports, protect the interests of the people complaining!
Complaint departments mustn’t dispute over trifles, shift responsibility, or respond slowly!
Complaint departments must always have someone answering the phone, and that guy can’t say “the person responsible for this isn’t here”!
It’s forbidden to beat, threaten, or arrest those reporting complaints!
Realistically safeguard complainants physical safety and interests!
Respect those reporting complaints, protect social stability!
It’s forbidden for officials to cover up for each other or ignore the appeals of those reporting complaints!
Covering up for one another, responding slowly, and responding irrationally, will invariably result in removal from office!