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Translation: English Teacher Scandal

[This is an original ChinaGeeks translation. While we endeavor to bring you the finest in Chinese to English translations, in reality we’re really just amateurs. If you see a mistake please feel free to let us know. The original article can be found here.]

Foreign Teacher Uses Nude Photos to Extort Female Student for 100,000 RMB After Being Dumped

ChinaNet, March 27 report: A young American man teaching at a Zhuhai English academy who dated and had sex with a college student [at that school] was not willing to be snubbed and sought to use nude pictures he had taken of her to extort 100,000 RMB. Yesterday a Zhuhai Intermediate People’s Court passed judged that Scott’s [the American] behavior constituted blackmail and he is expected to serve a three-year prison sentence. After his sentence is served he will be deported from China.

After hearing the verdict, the defendant tearfully said “It’s so terrible,” and asked the judge for a light sentence, saying he was willing to sweep the streets to prove he can be a good person. The defendant is currently appealing for a lighter sentence.

Explicit pictures taken during a “one-night stand” with a foreign teacher

22-year old Scott, an American male, was teaching at a Zhuhai English academy as an oral English teacher in 2008. During this time he met a student named Luo Moumou and the two hit it off. Last year on the evening of October 25, Scott invited Luo to his home to eat. Scott said in his testimony that the two “had a great time that day,” and that afterwards the two engaged in sexual intercourse. After Luo came out from showering, Scott used his cell phone to take three pictures of her. In one of the, half of Luo body is exposed.

Scott said that when he took Luo’s photo she was aware and did not protest. The next day Luo went to Hangzhou in Zhejiang province. The two kept in contact, but before long, Luo told Scott that she already had a new boyfriend and told him they should break up. Scott believed that Luo had tricked him and was determined to get revenge on her.

Apprehended while extorting 100,000 RMB

On November 30 2008, Scott used QQ to send Luo one of her own nude pictures and said that he possessed a number of nude photos and videos with her. He said that if Luo broke up with him, he would distribute all of these materials to others and threatened to blackmail her. During the investigation, Scott described to police that he and Luo finally agreed that Luo would give Scott 100,000 RMB in return for all of the explicit materials.

On December 3 2008, Scott arranged to meet Luo for the exchange. After receiving the 30,000 RMB that Luo had brought, Scott refused to hand over his cell phone’s memory card and declared he could only give the pictures and videos over after Luo had given him the remaining 70,000 RMB.

According to testimony, after Scott threatened to extort Luo, she reported to the police. Scott was arrested at the scene of the transaction.

Pleading to the judge for a lighter sentence of sweeping the streets

Yesterday at a Zhuhai Intermediate People’s Court a verdict was heard; the court sentenced Scott to an expected three-year prison term, after which he would be deported from the country.

Scott pleaded with the judge, saying that he would be willing to clean the streets for a lighter sentence and prove he can be a good person.

Some thoughts:

1) The article doesn’t specifically say that Luo was a student of Scott’s. Should / would Scott have received a different sentence had that been the case?

2) 100,000 RMB is a lot of money. Unless Luo is extremely wealthy, I don’t see how Scott could have expected his little plan to really work out.

3) I am a bit confused by the “sweeping the streets” cry for mercy that Scott came up with. Either a) this is a figure of speech that I’ve translated incorrectly, b) Scott meant it figuratively and the translator at the court took it literally, or c) Scott is living in a fantasy world.

4) There are stories everywhere about foreign teachers having affairs with students though I have never personally seen this. If it really is common, it wouldn’t be surprising to see an underlying level of animosity towards foreign teachers in general for the perception that they are all lechers. People with more English-teaching experience can chime in.