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Two New Translations

Just a quick FYI, I have two new translations up at other blogs:

America Sells Arms to Taiwan, Netizen Reactions (ChinaSMACK)- Translation of an editorial piece from China.com about the arms sale and netizen comments from a couple places. Check out the article, avoid the terrifying, terrifying comments (not the Chinese netizen comments, the actual ChinaSMACK commenters)

Acosta: The Desert Spring (CNReviews)- Translation of a blog post from popular blogger Acosta that I think gives a little window into post-80s and post-90s thinking about success and sacrifice.

If you’re interested, check them out!

Plus, if you haven’t seen it already, check out Kaiser Kuo’s guest translation!

The Future of ChinaGeeks

Listen up, folks, we’ve got some news!

First of all, I’m happy to announce something you may have already noticed: that Max R. (a.k.a. maxiewawa from ChinaSMACK) has joined ChinaGeeks as a translator! I’m excited to have him on board and look forward to reading his translations! Please remember we’d love to have you on the team, too, so think about joining us.

Secondly, you’ll be seeing my name around the internet a bit more in the coming weeks and months. Provisionally, I will be translating blog posts of young opinion leaders once a week for CNReviews. I will also be translating some of Han Han‘s blog posts for ChinaSMACK at Fauna’s request (the first is already up), although obviously how frequently that happens depends on how frequently Han Han writes something interesting.

In short, it’s going to be a bad year for people who don’t like me (and you haven’t even heard all of it yet!). I will likely be posting links to my posts on other sites here, as well as via Twitter, which I still dislike but will use anyway.

Edit: The first translation for CNReviews is up now, too.