Language Learning

If you’re a ChinaGeeks reader and an intermediate or advanced-level Chinese student who is looking to use the site as a language learning tool, Chinese Forums user phyrex has created some interesting tools that allow you to integrate ChinaGeeks’ translated content into your study routine:

  • Mirror site – This allows you to view ChinaGeeks as a website, with all translated content replaced by the original Chinese text. The translation is placed after translated text but rendered in an extremely light gray — difficult to read by accident but easy to highlight and read when you want to check the meaning of a sentence.
  • RSS Feed – ChinaGeeks content presented the same as it is on the mirrored site described above, but in convenient RSS feed format for those who prefer readers to browsers.

If you want to stop translated English text from popping up, you can add &popup=false to the end of URL on the mirror site.

Note that we don’t run either of these services ourselves, and can’t be responsible for bugs or other problems. Please address your questions (and your thanks!) to Chinese Forums user phyrex.

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