Xinxing Aid

XinxingXinxing Aid is a center for street children in Baoji, China. All cities have rescue centers for children, but Xinxing, which will appear in Living with Dead Hearts, is unique in several ways:

  • Although it is officially recognized, it is independently run
  • Children at Xinxing may stay as long as they wish. Some stay for years.
  • Children are provided with education and field trips.
  • Children are provided with therapy sessions and counseling.

We’ve been there and spoken with Xinxing employees on several occasions, and we think it’s a really special place, which is why we’re giving 20% of the donations we get to Xinxing.

Xinxing does have an English website, which you can access here. They do accept direct donations, although only via bank transfers. If you’d like to donate directly to the Xinxing Center but can’t or don’t want to do a Chinese bank transfer, please contact us and we can help you figure something out.

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