Further Reading

This is a small collection of articles in English relating to child abduction in China. It is in no way “complete” and will be updated somewhat frequently. I have separated the articles into rather broad and imprecise categories to slightly simplify the organization of this page.

Please note that readers of Chinese will find much more to read on this topic in Chinese than is available in English. For some places to start, feel free to email me. Note also that some of these articles are opinion pieces and don’t necessarily represent my opinions.

Articles with stars next to them are especially recommended.

Families and Searching

China’s Missing Children * (written by me, so this is a biased star)
Stolen Children in China are Seeking Answers *
Two families linked by a kidnapping
Peng Qilan’s road home

Crime, Corruption, Crackdowns

The Lost Boys *
In Hunan, Family Planning Turns to Plunder *
Ringleaders in Anhui ordered to surrender [SCMP, link temporarily unavailable]
China’s sordid trade in stolen babies *
China intensifies fight against child abductions
Police return kids to buyers
Chinese Officials Seized and Sold Babies, Parents Say

Microblogging and Child Abduction

Professor Wages One-Man Crusade Against Child Trafficking
Chinese professor creates microblog to end child-abduction and forced child beggars
Microblogs spur action on child abduction *
Save the Boy!
Peng Gaofeng Finds His Son *
Things are Changing
Downsides unseen of child-abduction blog, online rogues

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