Media Policy

Citing ChinaGeeks

We encourage you to spread our work widely and freely, but we do ask that when spreading it around you keep a couple things in mind:

  1. Please be sure to cite that your source is ChinaGeeks. If you’re referring to one of our stories in an online piece of your own, please link to us. In published offline work, “ChinaGeeks” will suffice.
  2. Please be sure to include the post author’s name. If citing a translation, be sure you also include the name of the author of the original piece, if available, and make it clear that those words were translated by ChinaGeeks but not originally written by us.
  3. Please do not repost our articles in their entirety on your own site

Media Requests

If, for whatever reason, you’re a member of the print, television, or online media and would like to contact a ChinaGeeks contributor about something related to this website, please send an email to custerc at chinageeks dot org. Thank you.

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