Translation: Guixi Orphanage Implicated in Re-Selling of Babies

The following is a translation of this article from Rights-Defender Online and republished on Shenzhen Information Online (as well as elsewhere). This obviously relates somewhat to our film (which you’ll get to see sometime this year), but it also relates to a long-form article I’m working on about how child trafficking in China relates to international adoption that should be available sometime later this month.

Jiangxi, Guixi Orphanage Revealed to Be Suspected of Infant Trafficking

Recently there have been many reported leads, indicating that specific leaders at the Jiangxi Province Guixi Social Welfare Institute and the local Ministry of Civil Affairs have conspired to falsify [records] and are involved in corruption. Even more serious, the social welfare institute [hereafter, SWI] has sold a number of adoptive children at high prices for profit.

Our source reports that the Guixi SWI divides its income into [donations from] infant adoptions, donations from society, government funding, etc., but the income and expenditures reported obviously do not match up. Beginning in 1995 some overseas families began adopting children from this SWI, and each adoption requires a donation of 30,000 to 40,000 RMB. Each year at least 50-60 and sometimes 70-80 children were adopted but the money from these adoptions is nowhere to be found.

From a report titled “Guixi SWI Infant Fostering Situation” it is clear that each year dozens of children were adopted, most of them by parents from outside China, and this report details the names, nannies’ names, birthdates, and adoption dates of these children.

This material shows that the SWI’s “infant director” Hou Shuying is the sister-in-law of the former Guixi Ministry of Civil Affairs director Wu Xiaojing. In 2001, after Director Wu Xiaojing had placed Hou Shuying in an administrative position at the SWI, whenever Hou Shuying picked up an infant from the hospital to bring to the SWI she would demand 1000 RMB, a sum that was later raised to 7000 RMB. Our source explains that most of these babies were not actually found by Hou Shuying, but rather brought to her by an SWI medical office worker named Peng Haiju. Peng’s husband was the director of the medical accident department of the Guixi department of sanitation […] Our source suspects that they were all communicating with each other and collaborating in order to sell children.

According to documents provided by the source, in 1996 the SWI built a “recovery center,” a 2,300 square meter building that actually cost 1 million RMB to build, but was reported by the SWI as having cost nearly 3 million RMB. In 1997, renovations on the “infant department” […] that should have cost about 100,000 RMB were falsely reported by the SWI as costing 400,000 RMB. In 2002, a Canadian philathropic organization built a new infant department of 400 square meters, which cost more than 400,000 RMB but was reported as costing more than 800,000 RMB by the SWI. In 2003, apartments for the elderly were renovated at a cost of around 800,000 RMB, but the SWI reported the cost as 1.5 million RMB.

A knowledgable source who did not wish to reveal his/her name said that the Guixi SWI does so much falsification and fraud that even the cafeteria’s books aren’t clean. According to a cafeteria report document provided by the source, “public recruitment/holiday extra meals” were reported repeatedly, “other fees” were directly falsified, and thousands of RMB were being spend each month on “buying beer.”

The source says that the workers at the SWI are not only involved in corruption, they are also abusing the handicapped children. In order to reduce the SWI’s workload, the orphanage only kept two special needs children, so if additional handicapped children arrived, they would place the more deformed ones in a corner to starve to death, and then call the coroner to cremate the body. If this source is accurate, this behavior is truly horrifying.

The Guixi SWI’s first director Wang Qing and second director Lv Jianming are both employees of the Guixi civil affairs office, along with the current SWI vice-director Yang Dong.Our source says that Yang Dong has also simultaneously held the position of office administrator for the past decade, is responsible for all kinds of [the Guixi SWI’s] services, and is very clear on the SWI’s finances, because each expense report check requires the signature of the director and vice-director.

After these allegations were first reported, investigator Yao Zhengyi [the author of this article] once called together media reporters and legal experts to investigate the issue, and on January 9, 2013 called the Guixi SWI vice-director Yang Dong to confirm the details. Yang Dong said that he was in Nanchang for professional development and that he would pass the report along to his boss. But our source reveals that actually vice-director Yang was not in Nanchang, but rather, was at a friend’s house drinking beer, and he had never gone to Nanchang in the first place.

On Jan 16, 2013, this reporter called the Guixi Civil Affairs bureau, and workers there said they didn’t know abything about the situation, and further said that [Civil Affairs] director Li Xinwen was out at a meeting.

This investigator’s report has already been submitted to the Jiangxi province Ministry of Civil Affairs. As if this writing, the Ministry has not given any response.

Follow-up Post

A follow-up post written by the same author as the article above and posted to a Chinese BBS forum reports that provincial authorities had visited the orphanage to investigate. However:

Last night at 10 PM I got another call from the anonymous source, saying that after the working groups from the Guixi civil affairs bureau and the SWI had been investigated, the evidence of baby-selling was to be burned.