PSA: Beware the Impostor

Just a very quick thing: it has come to my attention that someone is using my name (Charles Custer) to comment on China articles at various news sites (see this and this for examples). This person is not me.

For the record, any comment you see on any news site using my name is not by me. I don’t comment on news articles like that. If I had a comment, it would be posted as a blog post here, or it would be something I posted to Twitter. I do not comment on news sites, so any comments like this that you see are not by me. It’s just someone using my name because they’re too cowardly to use their own.

13 thoughts on “PSA: Beware the Impostor”

  1. Sorry to hear this. I had a wave of exactly this kind of shitty behaviour last year from someone whose name I’m not going to bother mentioning here for obvious reasons (i.e., he’s a psychopath) and, as a guy with a distinctive name, I can sympathise.


  2. [If you’re going to attempt to use my name in a comment, please make sure you can fucking speak English properly first, idiot. -ed]


  3. His IP is

    @ Yoshi: I haven’t been on Hidden Harmonies in a long time. I did used to comment there, but I found myself wasting too much time in utterly pointless arguments, so I blocked the site in my browser early this year and haven’t been since.


  4. Wow, so the latest iteration of douche was posting from Sweden? Perhaps he is an idiot who was nonetheless just barely smart enough to use an anonymizer. Or it might explain his English proficiency.


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