(Finally) Announcing My New Project: 2Non.org

Longtime readers will know that I have been alluding to a “big project” on this site for quite some time. In fact, it has taken long enough to get here that you would be forgiven for thinking this “big project” was actually just an excuse to not update this site much. Today, my friends, I announce that it is real.

Click here to go to 2Non.org. Our first article is about the nightmare of red tape that victims of forced demolitions often remain trapped in long, long after the actual demolition of their house has concluded. I think you’ll enjoy it:

“After Forced Evictions, a Nightmare of Red Tape”

You can even listen to an audio recording of the article if that’s your kind of thing, although for now it’s just a simple reading of the article. (Future articles will feature more fully produced audio versions).

What is this?

2Non is a non-profit media organization that produces documentary films and shorts as well as written reportage on issues of social justice. Although I hope someday to expand its focus, for the moment our work is focused entirely on China because that’s what I know. Basically, it’s a nonprofit platform through which we’ll be making and distributing our films (starting with Living with Dead Hearts) as well as posting original reporting like the article above on a regular basis.


After seeing such a strong response to both rounds of fundraising for our film, I began to think about ways in which we might be able to work on projects like that on a more full-time basis instead of having to squeeze it in around work schedules. I also lamented that our many generous donors still had to pay taxes on their donations.

So you want us to give you money?

Don’t I always? Yes. Well, if you like the work we’re doing, then yes. But the good news is that if you’re American, your donations will now be tax-deductible! And, as with the film fundraising, we’ve set up a tiered rewards system so that everyone who donates gets something awesome in return (if they want it, it’s not mandatory).

What does this mean for ChinaGeeks?

Well, any story that has the potential to be a longer-form written piece is probably going to end up on 2Non. But as you can tell if you’ve read our first article, I really never wrote articles like that on ChinaGeeks to begin with anyway. So not much will change. Translations and analysis pieces will still be posted here; 2Non will be for long-form reported pieces. Obviously my posting here has slowed down over the past year and that’s not likely about to change, but it shouldn’t get any worse, either.

What does this mean for the film? And hey, how’s that coming along, anyway?

Barring some kind of deal from a major distributor that’s just too awesome to refuse, the film will be distributed through 2Non, as will our subsequent films. We may still work to place modified versions on television or elsewhere, but ultimately, all films should end up on the site where we’ll be able to offer them at lower prices and without crap like DRM restrictions for digital downloads or wasteful packaging for DVD/Blu-Ray orders.

And the film is going well, thanks for asking! It is done and we’ve applied to 12 film festivals so far, with more planned as we can afford to pay for them (so help us out with a donation).

Well, that’s it. Please go check out 2Non.org and tell your friends to help us out by donating if they like what they see. Thanks!

3 thoughts on “(Finally) Announcing My New Project: 2Non.org”

  1. @ Tremendous article developed within a structural framework. Also, think of the debt calculations now owed by local governments as undertaken by Victor Shih, and you have an objective situation which can only get worse.

    Congratulations Custer on this next step.


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