“If You’re Not Dead By Tonight, I Joined the Party For Nothing!”

Here’s another one for the annals of Party members being assholes in their cars. This story is being passed around on Weibo and other social media like Tianya right now, though it appears to have happened a couple weeks ago. Here’s the text of the post:

“Fuck your mom! You dare to inspect my car? If you’re not dead by tonight, I joined the Party for nothing!” Kangping, Liaoning [Party] disciplinary secretary Dai Guobin was driving his personal car at an intersection when he violated traffic laws and was blocked by traffic police officer Chen Dong for an inspection. Secretary Dai got out of the car and, without a word, punched Chen in the face, and then hit him in the leg…his mouth was full of curses like ‘I’ll kill you! I’ll kill whoever comes close! I just need to make a couple phone calls and a few thousand people will be here, even if the Central [government] leaders come here it won’t help you.’

Based on the photos being circulated with this post, it appears passers-by were not particularly happy about Dai’s attitude.

There’s no way to confirm exactly what happened with this incident, so take all this with a grain of salt. But the weibo post about it has already been forwarded nearly 100,000 times and has nearly 15,000 comments. If it continues to go viral I imagine we’ll learn the full truth of this sooner or later, but “I joined the Party for nothing!” already sounds like the Chinese internet’s next snarky slang term, following past hits like “Whether or not you do, I believe it” and “My dad is Li Gang.” And of course, with regard to the incident itself, I can’t imagine anyone is surprised to learn this happened. This is the kind of behavior most of China expects from its local Party officials.

But this case may be especially damaging to the Party’s reputation because Mr. Dai mentioned it explicitly and implied that the purpose joining the Party is just to obtain special treatment and a platform from which to oppress one’s enemies. This, of course, is something that everyone already knows. But there’s a difference between that cynical knowledge and hearing a government official actually say it out loud. My guess is that by the time this is over, Dai will be wishing he kept his mouth shut.

That is, assuming that this is an accurate report and not just a rumor gone wild. The fact that after several weeks the story is still spreading would indicate it’s probably true, though.

8 thoughts on ““If You’re Not Dead By Tonight, I Joined the Party For Nothing!””

  1. Here is another one for your collection Custer

    When the flight attendant suggested the couple store their bags elsewhere, Mr. Fang grew suddenly angry and grabbed the flight attendants’ arm. “If it weren’t for us, you wouldn’ t even have food to eat,” his wife yelled, according one passenger account cited by Xinhua.



  2. Mm. Doesn’t do much to dispel the myth that people only join the Party for personal gain. The ExBitch had a good friend who was terminally single, so she joined the Party to find a boyfriend and hey presto…. she was still single after 6 months.

    I suppose it says more about the choosy nature of Shanghai girls that the quality of people who join the Party. Or does it? :/


  3. Ccp officials see themselves as being above the law. In related news, the sun is rumored to be rising from the east tomorrow. Makes it ironic that “rule of law” is such a meaningless concept under the ccp. If they actually had rule of law, then being above it might actually mean something. As it is, just like corruption- simply part of the ccp job description.


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