Happy Chinese New Year

Hi folks. I’ll be taking a bit of a hiatus here for the next couple weeks, as I’ll be heading back to the in-laws’ place (way up north where there is no internet) for Spring Festival, and then shortly after that, flying down to Singapore for a week for work. Hopefully everyone has a safe and pleasant holiday.

The new year doesn’t actually start until 12 AM on the 23rd, of course (Sunday night/Monday AM), but here are a few things to keep you busy until then:

Anyway, again, wishing everyone a happy and safe Chinese New Year! There’s so much good writing about China out there these days that I doubt any of you will miss me in my absence anyway. (Also, other members of the team may well post updates during the hiatus, so keep an eye out, but don’t expect to hear from me until early February probably).

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