Pardon Our Ugliness

This is not a new design, but the old design may be out. You may have noticed we’ve had some downtime recently; this has been caused by our site using too much of our hosting server’s CPU resources. Long story short, we’ll be switching designs (at least), and possibly more (but I hope not). In any event, please bear with us, and feel free to comment on the latest China news in the comments. Once we get this server issue worked out, we’ll start work on a redesign (and by that we mean picking a new wordpress theme, because I am not good at coding).

0 thoughts on “Pardon Our Ugliness”

  1. Its fine Custer, but the banner photo is a bit similar to the Under the Jacaranda blog.
    (Walking down the road feelin’ sad.)


  2. Pugster. Like I said on CD ages ago, you are like one of our four-legged friends continually circling around and returning to your own mess.


  3. @ King Tubby: Yeah this is just the default wordpress theme for 2010. There are probably thousands of websites with that image. I needed to switch it to something that I could be sure was coded cleanly.


  4. Took sometime for me work that out in the process of moving to

    Yes, Ai is a minor irritant. Of all the problems you noted, the electricity issue is the really big one, and there is a ton of really good analysis to be found.

    And I thought the whole raison d’etre for the Three Gorges was to prevent flooding. This is another 600 ton gorilla hanging around in the ante-room waiting for an audience.


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