In Brief: Interesting Graffiti

Graffiti in China is pretty rare. When you do see it, it tends to be of the “low budget advertisement” variety; phone numbers scribbled on walls along with promises to provide services ranging from forging official documents to refilling the coolant in your air conditioners. So imagine my surprise this past Saturday when I spotted this right in my own neighborhood.

"Calling on the government to pay attention to the people's suffering"

In fact, the entire outer wall of a construction site near my apartment in Beijing is coated with these slogans, written in thick black paint and characters large enough that they can be easily read from a good distance away. The construction site is the size of a smallish city block, and the graffiti has now been up, apparently untouched, for two days (and counting).

I have no idea who wrote it, and their specific beef is pretty unclear. There are lots of references to things that harm “the environment” and “the people’s health”; the writer clearly has an issue with the construction project in question, and apparently the way the government has handled it.

As much as anything else, I’m posting this here because I’m wondering if anyone else knows any specifics about the case. If it’s got someone riled up enough to spend a whole night (presumably) writing graffiti, it might be something I should be concerned about that. Anyway, aside from that I just thought it was interesting to share; like I said, one very rarely sees this sort of “political” graffiti, at least in this neighborhood of Beijing.

Obviously though, it’s just one example of something one person did, so I don’t want to suggest it represents any kind of larger movement. I doubt it. Still, interesting, and interesting that after two days they still haven’t painted over it. If nothing else, you would think the construction company would want to cover it up quickly on the grounds that having big messages that say “Stop hurting the people” right next to your logo is probably bad for business….

0 thoughts on “In Brief: Interesting Graffiti”

  1. likely just the graffiti of NED-sponsored agents and anti-china activists. this post was very biased, as well as misleading and probably racist.


  2. @FOARP and @J This blog is about China, not US, so it is only logical that it is biased. You are welcome to open a blog on graffitis in the US or criticizing anyone you dislike, but please stop polluting this blog with your beside the point comments


  3. “likely just the graffiti of NED-sponsored agents and anti-china activists. this post was very biased, as well as misleading and probably racist.”

    I will continue the pretty exercise of whining about whining, by whining about whining about whining.


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