…for both the pro-China lobby and the army of expats (myself included) whining about how mistreated we are because our VPNs aren’t working right anymore. Here’s an incomplete list of people who have disappeared in the last month or so ((based primarily on these three tweets and various reports throughout the past month confirming many of these names)):

People who we know have been arrested:

  1. Ran Yunfei 冉云飞 (inciting to subvert state authority)
  2. Ding Mao 丁茅 (inciting to subvert state authority)
  3. Chen Wei 陈卫 (inciting to subvert state authority)

People we know have been detained ((Note that this refers to long term detention, as many of these people have been missing for weeks)):

  1. Quan Lianzhao 全连昭 (inciting to subvert state authority)
  2. Liang Haiyi 梁海怡 (inciting to subvert state authority)
  3. Zhu Yufu 朱虞夫 (inciting to subvert state authority)
  4. Guo Weidong 郭卫东 (inciting to subvert state authority)
  5. Sun Desheng 孙德胜 (inciting to subvert state authority)
  6. Liu Huiping 刘慧萍 (inciting to subvert state authority)
  7. Wei Qiang 魏强 (illegal assembly)
  8. Zhang Jiannan 张健男 (illegal assembly)
  9. Yang Qiuyu 杨秋雨 (illegal assembly)
  10. Hua Chunhui 华春辉 (endangering national security)
  11. Li Hai 李海 (inciting disturbance)
  12. Li Yongsheng 李永生 (inciting disturbance)
  13. Wang Lihong 王荔蕻 (inciting disturbance)
  14. Ma He 马贺 (inciting disturbance)
  15. Wei Shuishan 魏水山 (unknown)
  16. Bi Mingkai 薜明凯 (unknown)
  17. Huang Xiang 黄香 (unknown)
  18. Ai Weiwei 艾未未 (unknown)
  19. Wen Tao 文涛 (unknown)

People under house arrest:

  1. Tang Jingling 唐荆陵 (inciting to subvert state authority)
  2. Ye Du 野渡 (inciting to subvert state authority)

People being held in mental institutions:

  1. Qian Jin 钱进

People who are missing (an incomplete list):

  1. Liu Guohui 刘国慧
  2. Li Tiantian 李天天
  3. Jiang Tianyong 江天勇
  4. Teng Biao 滕彪
  5. Zhang Shanguang 张善光
  6. Qi Zhiyong 齐志勇
  7. Gu Chuan 古川
  8. Liu Shihui 刘士辉 and his wife
  9. Yuan Xinting 袁新亭
  10. Zhang Tao 张涛 (aka 呆麻雀张)
  11. Zhang Xianle 张献乐
  12. Cheng Wanyun 程婉芸
  13. Liu Dejun 刘德军
  14. Liu Anjun 刘安军
  15. Zhang Haibo 张海波
  16. Lan Ruoyu 蓝若宇
  17. Hu Di 胡荻
  18. Zhang Jingpeng 张敬朋
  19. Li Shuangde 李双德
  20. E Laoda 鹅老大
  21. Peng Xinzhong 彭新忠
  22. Yang Hengjun 杨恒均
  23. Zhou Li 周莉
  24. Wang Yanfen 汪燕芬
  25. Ni Yulan
  26. Ding Jiqin
  27. Zhang Dajun

Many of these people are writers, and on this list longtime readers will recognize several names of people we’ve translated, including Yang Hengjun, who is the most recent disappearance (for now). Update: reports on Twitter indicate Yang Hengjun has been released, see Update #2 below.

Whatever these men have done — and knowing some of them personally, I have good reason to believe at least a couple haven’t done anything — do so many really need to be held indefinitely, pending charges, just to keep the country from falling apart?

CLARIFICATION: I mentioned this in the footnote, but it’s worth stating more clearly that I personally can only confirm one of these cases (Zhang Jiannan) but many others have been reported in the Western media, or confirmed by friends and family of the missing. This is a list that I’m passing along, not one that I created myself. However, I believe it to be relatively accurate.

It’s also worth noting that this is just a list of the recent detainees and disappearances, so it doesn’t include any of the older cases, like Gao Zhisheng’s. But Gao, and others, are missing too, they’ve just been missing for a lot longer.

UPDATE 1: Moved Chen Wei to the confirmed arrested section after seeing this.

UPDATE 2: Yang Hengjun removed from “disappeared” list after Twitter reports that he is now safe.

UPDATE 3: Ai Weiwei added to the detained list.

UPDATE 4: Added Wen Tao (Ai Weiwei’s assistant) to the list as he, unlike Ai’s other assistants, is still missing.

UPDATE 5: Zhang Jiannan apparently released. He and his wife have asked that everyone please just forget about the whole thing, and about his past actions, so media friends, please don’t contact them about this.

UPDATE 6: Rights lawyer Ni Yulan and husband Ding Jiqin added to list of unknown disappeared people, via this tweet.

UPDATE 7: Added Zhang Dajun in accordance with this tweet.