Interview Series Episode 2: Secretary Zhang

Our humblest apologies. At the request of the interview subject, we have deleted this post and the corresponding video.

0 thoughts on “Interview Series Episode 2: Secretary Zhang”

  1. Otto: I’d be happy to make one. I didn’t think of it, since an audio version would just be in Chinese, which a good deal of our readership can’t read (maybe?). But sure, it’s actually quite simple to do; I’ll get to it when I get home later.


  2. Awesome… Thanks for this interview, but it’s too bad I found out about the site on the day it closed!
    Are there archives anywhere?


  3. Wow, this is great stuff. I consider myself to be in the China-defender camp but this is very convincing stuff.

    He made one good point at the end: If people are giving a choice of losing jobs (rice bowl) and free speech, most would choose the former (given that people are even interested in politics, most are not). He is the exception, and he knows that his impact will be very limited because of this reason. Yet he still risks his livelihood for what he thinks others should have. Personally I think it’s naive of him but at the same time very admirable. China definitely needs more people like him.


  4. On another note, apparently the personal cellphone signal jammers can be bought for as little as $30 USD and has a 15M radius. I gotta get one of these things for when I travel on airplanes 🙂


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