Interview Series Episode 1: Tom Lasseter

In order to expose readers to people less stupid than me, we’re starting a new and haphazardly-timed series of interviews with people of interest. Our first victim subject was Tom Lasseter, who is the Beijing Bureau Chief for McClatchy Newspapers.

This interview takes the form of an audio podcast ((If the questions sound like they were recorded on an infinitely inferior microphone and then thrown in after the fact, that’s because they were. This was originally shot on video, but I failed to light the shot properly and it was too dark. We’ll get back to Mr. Lasseter again later in the interview series and do a better job of lighting, but in the meantime, enjoy the podcast.)). Enjoy!

Interview Series Episode 1: Tom Lasseter (left click to stream in browser, right click “save as” to download)

You can find all of Tom Lasseter’s stories here, and check out his blog here. The cobra story he mentions in this interview can be found here, and is defintely worth a read if you missed it.

0 thoughts on “Interview Series Episode 1: Tom Lasseter”

  1. Let me guess. He doesn’t think Xinhua’s push will work.

    Don’t western journalists have a consensus on this issue already? Mocking, contempt, dismissal. What else is new? And why wasting more time and energy beating the dead horse?


  2. Yes, and when it comes to understanding what the West wants from news, why should we ever listen to Western journalists?! Ridiculous. I agree with you: the Chinese government definitely understands the Western news market and how it works better than the people who have bene working in that market for years.

    You can tell from their deft, graceful handling of the Liu Xiaobo Nobel Prize that the Chinese government has a great grip on how to appeal to the West…*overly exaggerated eyeroll*


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