Brief Hiatus, Enjoy the Holiday!

Today is National Day, the first day of a weeklong, nationally-mandated vacation for anyone who works at a Chinese company. Personally, I’m spending the holiday in China’s rural–and chilly–Northeast, where I plan to do lots of sitting in trees with stuffed animals.

There may be sporadic updates from some of our contributors, but regular service will resume when I return (Friday, October 8th). We’ve got some interesting stuff scheduled for right after the break, so stay tuned.

In the interim, it’s not up yet, but you’ll be able to hear me lowering the level of discussion and generally ruining this week’s Sinica podcast soon enough. Many thanks to Kaiser and Jeremy for having me. It was an interesting discussion, and there’s so much more to say, but obviously no one wants to listen to a 3 hour podcast. Anyway, check out the podcast and let me know if I sounded dumb or not!
Enjoy the holiday!

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