Tainted Vaccine “Protesters” Beaten, Bones Fractured

Yet another depressing moment in the saga of the families who came to Beijing looking for compensation from the Ministry of Health after their children where harmed by tainted vaccines. Shortly after their first protest, Wang reported via his blog, they were arrested, but were subsequently released and apparently went to protest again yesterday. The results were more dire this time:

When the nine parents of tainted vaccine victims were outside the Ministry of Health appealing for an audience with higher-ups on the morning of the 19th, they were beaten quite severely by a group of people wearing the uniforms of the Public Security Bureau. Of the nine, four suffered serious injury, and Yang Yukui of Liaoning province suffered six fractured ribs on his right side and a fractured little finger on his right hand.

The parents were chained together to prevent being dragged off separately, which made it impossible for them to flee their attackers. After being beaten, the group was locked away and at present has not been allowed to seek medical treatment:

At present, […] the parents are locked in a guarded room in a police substation on Zhanlan Rd. The police there have continually refused to allow them to go to the hospital to receive medical treatment. They have already been locked up for more than 15 hours. Please, everyone, pay attention and lend your support!

The volunteer lawyer I found is already on his way to help.

The Ministry of Health falls under the jurisdiction of the Zhanlan Road police substation. The substation number is 010-68351158, the cell phone number of one of the parents (Yi Wenlong) is 13903572625.

I have posted this news via my microblog five times, but each time it has been harmonized.

In case you’re wondering what their banners say, the first photo reads “Pay attention to the victims of [tainted] vaccines.” The second reads “Pay attention to the interests of all children ((the first line is partially obscured, so I’m guessing a bit here)), [we’re] seeking an explanation from the Ministry of Health on behalf of the children who were victims of vaccines.” On the bottom of the piece of cardboard is a list of the places the various parents are from.

We reported previously on the arrest of Gao Zhanghong, China’s “unluckiest father”, whose two sons fell victim to tainted vaccines and the Sanlu milk powder contamination scandal, respectively. However, it was not clear from the circumstances to exactly how Gao’s arrest related to the vaccine and melamine issues.

0 thoughts on “Tainted Vaccine “Protesters” Beaten, Bones Fractured”

  1. Hi Charles,

    Malcolm Moore retweeted your tweets. That is how I saw it. Keep up the good work, Charles.

    Obviously, this is horrible.

    You sent out a link from melissakchan. The quote was from a police official whose officers mistakenly beat a woman and subsequently apologized. His comment

    On June 23, the 58-year old Chen Yulian, wife of a Hubei provincial politics and law committee official, was mistaken for “a petitioner” and was badly beaten by plain-clothes policemen when she walked to the gate of the provincial party committee’s office buildings. At present, Chen is undergoing hospital treatment. The head of the local public securities bureau apologized to her stating, “It was a mistake; a complete mistake. We were not aware that we had beaten the wife of an important official.”


    So it is ok to beat ordinary people that the police consider riff-raff? Priceless! And abhorrent!


  2. It looks like most, if not all, of them are now “out.” But “out”, I mean that according to Wang Keqin’s latest update, it looks like 6 of 8 of them were released into the hands of their local governments. The other two, it’s unclear.

    Honestly, given what we’ve seen some local governments do, they’re probably better off in Beijing, though.


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