“Beijing is Hot as Hell”: A Musical Delight

Anyone who was in China around the 2008 Olympics must remember the “Welcome to Beijing” song and music video that couldn’t be avoided.

Well, now in celebration of the fantastic heat Beijing is experiencing, some clever (or annoying, depending on your point of view!) people have put together this video lamenting the sky-high temperatures.

We’ve (very inartfully) translated the song lyrics below:

The doors on the bus are often opened
No cold air inside.
Even if you wanted to take the subway
There’s no way you could squeeze in.

Wherever you go, it is hot
I’ll tell it to you straight.
Let’s all get together and meet up,
Beijing is hot as hell.

My house has air-conditioning at full blast,
I’m not letting you in.
On a hot day, head to the Bird’s Nest to tan,
If you don’t believe it you’ll be sorry.

The average temperature is 38 degrees,
Please don’t question it.
The first few times it’s fine;
This time it will be the end of you!

Beijing is hot as hell,
You’ll be roasted by the sun.
Sitting on the bus
You’ll be suffocated!

Beijing is hot as hell,
Under the hot sun you’ll be suffocated,
On the yellow earth you’ll be like a roast duck.

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