A Few Minor Changes

Dearest readers, if you’re the type who likes to visit the site instead of subscribing to the RSS feed, you may have noticed a few changes. The first, effective yesterday, was the two Freedur advertisements you see at right. The kind folks at Freedur have agreed to sponsor us, which means unfiltered internet access for us (as soon as they get our accounts set up) and some new advertisements for you! I think they actually make the site look better, and anyone who’s tried to use the internet in China recently knows just how valuable a service Freedur provides.

The second change, which you likely haven’t noticed, is the addition of a Services page. Several members of our team — myself included — are always looking for freelance journalism and translation work, and if you read this blog, you can imagine the kind of quality we’re capable of when the work is paid (remember, everything you see here is just what we do for free). So if you’re the sort of person who needs freelance writing work done from time to time, the next time you’re missing an article someone, we hope you’ll think of us.

The third, as you may have noticed, is that our regular twitter service has resumed. Follow us ((Living in China? A Freedur account will help you with that link!)), if you aren’t already.

There is another major site addition coming, one that is less mercenary and much more beneficial to readers, but it isn’t ready yet. Stay tuned!

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