Victims of Tainted Vaccine Gather to Protest

Wang Keqin, China’s most famous investigative journalist, has been following the story of the tainted vaccines that affected thousands in Shanxi province for some time now — a story that he originally broke to the public. Unsurprisingly, in the wake of this catastrophe, there’s been no shortage of blame being shifted around, but very little done to help the children affected by the poison vaccines. So, according to Wang Keqin’s latest update, the families of victims of vaccine poisoning from all over the country have come together to protest in front of the Ministry of Health ((From the way the post is written, I expect they mean the national Ministry of Health in Beijing, but that is never explicitly stated.)). Wang hasn’t written much, just posted some pictures of the protest sent to him by the families:


Recently, the parents of many children harmed by tainted vaccines have come from all over the country to the Ministry of Health to protest. These are a few of the pictures they have posted of themselves.

[Text in the photo reads:] Shanxi vaccine victim Yi Wenlong is in the middle of questioning a Ministry of Health worker. [The two numbers in the photo are Chinese cell phone numbers.]

UPDATE: Today’s Global Times also ran a short story about this protest.

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