Tweets from the Morning of May 35th

The following were found on Twitter using the #6421wj hashtag:

From Teng Biao:

That year, machine guns shattered our dreams of freedom, and tanks crushed our youthful bodies. We have been silent, but we have not forgotten. We are survivors of a massacre; remembering is a survivor’s duty. I salute those who gave their lives, their blood, and their freedom on June 4th! I salute those people who struggle against the lies and the forgetting!

From monnand:

That year, Wang Zhen and Li Peng said they would happily sacrifice 200,000 people in exchange for 20 years of stability. This year is the twenty-first year…

From luosidao:

Silent tribute. The Party-state is so afraid every year; can refusing to admit [their wrongs] really wipe away everything?

From then-protest leader Wang Dan:

Announcement: tomorrow [the message was posted on June 3rd but is being constantly retweeted] we will be having a large-scale gathering on the internet to express our sorrow for those who lost their lives and our condemnation for their killers. I request you find a way to get onto Twitter tomorrow, I hope tomorrow that more than a thousand people can come together on Twitter to remember. I look forward to this being the largest mass gathering in twenty-one years. Please join us and shake/shock China.

From Molloll:

Please remember our classmates that died twenty one years ago, and extend your deepest condolences.

From hillwood:

Hi, everyone! Today is May 35th, the annual holiday commemorating internet harmony. Today, censors/managers ((I’m assuming the original is a pun for 管理)) haunt the world, and tanks are ferocious. Please everyone be careful, avoid drinking hot water, avoid playing hide-and-seek, avoid the Qishi Horse.

From our1984:

Twenty-one years have passed, how much longer must we keep commemorating this in a virtual space [instead of being allowed to do it openly]?

Also from our1984:

Gradually aging comrades, we must tell the story of what happened 21 years ago to the next generation. We cannot let these seeds, thirsty for freedom, be extinguished. We can not let our sons and grandsons continue to be slaves.

From TaiwanGogo:

I salute the students who died at Tiananmen.

From jayszh:

How could we forget? I am waiting for the day when the debt is cleared; blood debts must be paid in blood! RT@yuguahao Let us gather together, and refuse to forget.

From chenwei8964:

I am a student from 1989, I am a witness of June 4th, and I will persist in saying that June 4th was a massacre no matter whether I am in court or in prison, I am a witness. I take full responsibility for my words, but without police and prosecutors, does the court dare to debate with me?

From IcyShen:

History will not forget! Cherish the memories of the martyrs; students, your blood will not have been shed in vain!

These are just a few of the most notable tweets that have appeared between midnight and 1AM Beijing time, June 4, 2010. More Chinese tweets on the issue can be found with the hashtag #6421wj. (Unsurprisingly, if you try searching for that on Sina Weibo, you get a “this page does not exist” message).

0 thoughts on “Tweets from the Morning of May 35th”

  1. Why are people beating the dead horse, is beyond me. The anniversary must be the loneliest ever, Except for Hongkong democrazy wannabe novody give a damn about TAM.

    There are massacre all o ver the history Kwanju, Thailand So nothing special about TAM


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