ChinaGeeks Reader Survey!

Hello, gentle reader. In lieu of a new post today, we’re hoping you’ll take a few moments to fill out this survey, which will help us understand a bit more about who is reading this site, and what they want from it. It has five questions, any of which you can skip, and should take you no longer than five seconds. Yes, you have to do this too, RSS readers!

A number two pencil is required. Please fill in all the bubbles completely using an approved pencil, and then sit quietly in your chair for the remainder of the testing period.

Click here to take the survey

We very much appreciate you taking a second to provide some feedback, and we assure you we’re not planning to use this for anything other than thinking about what we post on the site — no new ads are coming, and we’re not selling your answers to marketing people.

0 thoughts on “ChinaGeeks Reader Survey!”

  1. Next time, use another survey service. I know surveymonkey is a “free service”, but the sales pitch at the end was annoying. So… when is the survey going to end and when are we going to see the results? And will you be sharing the info with the sites stated in one of the questions?


  2. Whoops, looks like I trolled a little too hard and got myself banned from commenting.

    This comment was your fourth violation of our comments policy. As a result, you are no longer welcome to comment at ChinaGeeks. -ed.


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