Google Search Now Blocked in China

via Shanghaiist
In case you haven’t already heard, Google searches (on and, according to reports on Twitter) now all return a reset connection, i.e., they have been blocked by China’s net nanny.

However, the good news is that many people (we saw it on Kaiser Kuo’s Twitter, among others) are reporting they can still use Google via the search bar in their browsers or through GMail. And others have speculated that at least is blocked only because its search URLs include “&gs_rfai=”. RFA, or Radio Free Asia, is an American pro-democracy and anti-CCP radio station and searches for RFA are blocked, so it’s likely that if that is the reason for the block, Google could undo it by changing the URLs that their searches result in.

Still, all of this is secondhand knowledge. We’ll wait on Chinayouren for the official report as Julen is the master GFW tester, but we’d love to hear four things from you in the comments:

  1. Where you are.
  2. Whether search works for you on
  3. Whether search works for you on
  4. Whether Google search works for you via a browser search bar, GMail search bar, or some other means.

Whatever the ultimate result of this Google block, you can be sure the media firestorm is coming. To keep track of all the sides and how they’re spinning things, Imagethief has got a handy chart for you!

On a small housekeeping note, you will notice we have returned the ability to rate posts. Enjoy!

UPDATE: Good news! Google has confirmed that the “rfa” in its search results URLs was what was triggering the block, so Google searches in China should be restored soon.

0 thoughts on “Google Search Now Blocked in China”

  1. Got the reset connection searching with my VPN off from Haikou, Hainan on and

    It did work through the search bar in my Gmail, though.

    I searched for “butterfly”


  2. connection reset using
    connection reset using

    search possible through browser bar (firefox)
    search possible through gmail



  3. connection reset using
    connection reset using
    connection reset searching from within gmail

    location: Chuxiong (2 hours west of Kunming), Yunnan


  4. Oh ZF…. You could’ve looked relatively mature by just letting the local filters do their work and letting this blow over… but you just had to be a petulant, spiteful baby, didn’t you. Congratulations on handing the Anti-China Western Media another headline you dipshits.


  5. In Suzhou.

    Connection reset using (noticed it auto-redirects through even when I search from my iGoogle)
    Connection reset using
    Works from chrome address bar
    Works from gmail

    Also noticed that while searching the term “search” in gmail, it again auto-filtered through and came up with results. Click the 搜索 button which brought up the rfa part of the address line and made it only partially load, but clicking it again took away the RFA part. It’d seem that it is, in fact, the RFA part that’s doing it.

    However, what I wonder is if maybe the RFA part doesn’t kill two birds with one stone. (ie, send a little fuck you to google and prevent search for Radio Free Asia.)

    Anyway, blocking google search through conventional means is somewhat crippling for me and is another drop in the bucket for why I’m now looking forward to returning to the US this summer, where I’ll be able to communicate with my friends and family without needless hindrance.


  6. Chengdu

    Connection reset with,,
    Still works through gmail search and firefox navigation toolbar. Like people pointed out above, it seems because the URL is different. Another search gets the connection error.

    Amen for the VPN.


  7. @ MAC: Can’t say I disagree. This is a perfect lose-lose situation. The Chinese people lose (no more Google) and the Chinese government loses (even MORE bad press on this issue).


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