2 Week Hiatus

I will be taking a 2 week hiatus, from today through March 22nd. Oddly enough, the reason is that I’m headed to China, but it’s for pleasure, not business, and I won’t have a lot of internet access. I may, on occasion, drop by the internet cafe to write a post, but I make no promises. My contributors may also make posts during this time — I leave that entirely up to them — but regardless, I’ll be back on the 22nd.

In the interim, amuse yourselves with the writings of my cohorts over at the fledgling china/divide, and I will resume my inane ramblings upon my return.

0 thoughts on “2 Week Hiatus”

  1. Thanks for the travel suggestions, y’all, but this trip is all about hanging with the fiancee and her fam. Which is how, at the moment, I find myself in an internet cafe in Kedong (small town four hours north of Harbin). Needless to say, it is not as warm or picturesque as Guilin. Dunno about Xinjiang, it’s probably cold there too, but I bet it’s colder here.


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