“War of Internet Addiction”: A Must-See Movie

I apologize for stepping on Max R.’s most recent translation, which is here and which everyone should read.

But I would be remiss if I didn’t point you in the direction of this post on Youku Buzz, and this machinima film, called War of Internet Addiction. That link goes to Youku, but viewers outside China can also view it (with English subtitles!) on Youtube here (note that there are 7 parts, that is the link to part 1).

The entire thing is amazingly well done. It is at times hilarious, at times moving, and always quite well made given the resouces the “filmmakers” were working with.

Kaiser has already said everything I would say better, so go over to Youku buzz for the full scoop, but even if you aren’t going to watch the whole thing, you really should watch the climactic speech:

(Skip to around 1:40, watch it until the end)

Granted, I am a sucker for dramatic speeches set to awesome orchestral music, but even I find this moving, and I am neither Chinese nor a WoW player. I do wonder how much longer this could possibly last without being blocked, though…

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