Wu Zetian Comics

In lieu of posting anything original, today I point you in the direction of Hark, A Vagrant!, indisputably the best history-based webcomic on the interwebs. It is almost always funny, and although Kate Beaton rarely writes comics on Chinese history, her comic on Wu Zetian is pretty great:

Click to view the full comic.

Yes, in internet years, this borders on prehistoric. But there’s a chance you haven’t seen it, and if you haven’t (and you know who Wu Zetian was), you should. (She’s got a good one on an amusing moment in Japanese history, too).

As a sidenote, did you know that Wu Zetian’s face is purportedly immortalized in the Longmen Caves near Luoyang? The caves, or at least some of them, were carved during her reign and the story goes that she demanded the central statue’s face be modeled after her own. So, apparently, she looked something like this:

click to see full size

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