A Post-Mortem Happy Birthday

For a little while now, Ai Weiwei has been using his Twitter account to post information about students who died in the Sichuan earthquake as their birthdays come around. This information, presumably, comes from everything gathered by Ai and his volunteers during their Citizen’s Investigation into the student deaths in the 5/12 earthquake. Today (February 5), there are two:

Wang Minghui, male, Feb. 5 1994, Beichuan Middle School, class 4, age 14

Wen Hao, male, Feb. 5, Hanwang Town Center Elementary School, Fifth year, class 4, age 11.

Ai is using the hashtag #512Birthday, and his posts are being re-tweeted by many of his followers.

Say what you will about Ai’s often-outspoken opinions on other things; he’s clearly trying to stay true to his promise to commemorate these children.

0 thoughts on “A Post-Mortem Happy Birthday”

  1. No offense, Twitter is one of the most worthless social networking tools out there. If AiWeiWei want to commemorate the kids who died as the result of the earthquake, fine. But why do you want to read the other user generated crap which is nonsense anyways? Seriously more than 95% of the information in that site is crap.


  2. Yes. More than 95% of the information on any user-generated site is crap. Luckily, most of them let you pick what you read and what you don’t. I’m not a big fan of Twitter either, but it is the way many people are communicating, especially in terms of Chinese free political discussion, so I can’t really ignore it.


  3. Two articles on WSJ :

    Mean Street: God Bless America, A Nation of Cowards


    I never see on any media that a person whose mouth is bigger than his butt ever solved any big problems. Well, they are always right, arent they ? All they have to do is using the word ” people” again and again, then he will earn people’s trust, like few Americans trust lawyers, but most politicians they elected were lawyers.


  4. You know, Greece may default on their debt.

    How is their government gonna solve the problem ? who knows, let us talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk. Well, it wont cost any money to talk, right ?

    How is American government gonna create jobs for 9.7% the unemployed ? who knows, but you cant offend anyone, As it is written on some holy papers that you cant let any individual to scrafice (though it means everyone will suffer.) let us wait a perfect solution that will make EVERY ONE happy.

    JUST LIKE CHINA under Mao, on some paper was it written that anything related to “capital..” was not right and should be forbidden.

    Great, so F@#$ing great !!!!


  5. BTW, if you visit the blogs of Time of India, you will see hundreds, thousands of complains on how impotent their government is.

    It seems that the government in America is in similar situation now.

    Do Americans have the determination to change that ? I think 90% of Americans have that. But, hey, there are 1% of Americans who dont give a damn about that (and THERE IS NOTHING GOVERNMENT CAN DO ), why the @#$% the remaining 9% care ? and if there are 10% of Americans who dont want to scrafice anything for their country, why the !@#$ the 90% of the good people have to scrafice ?


  6. Well, you’ve got a point there, Wahaha. Abolish the senate and the electoral college. That’s what I say. Either that, or go parliamentary.

    On a side note, looks like someone’s been busy.


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