Google China Officially Disbanded?

Commenter wooddoo posted a rumor apparently going around that as of today, there is officially no more Google China. Can anyone confirm this?

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  1. Charles, Google China is fine. I don’t think the Chinese government will move first. They will wait for G to uncensor, and then react to that. If there is no unexpected move by G, this is probably going to take some time still.


  2. I think he was saying he heard a rumor that within the company, the decision to leave China had been announced (as in, it’s no longer a “maybe”). It does seem fast to me, but I don’t think would be affected for a while…


  3. Ahh, I thnk you were referring to the website.

    Regarding the offices, what I know is that the workers have been sent on holidays. At least some of them, according to techcrunch. Google briefly put up a nice logo thursday to wish them happy holidays. You can see it in this post


  4. Sorry, I was just posting a rumor and I did say “Didn’t bother to seek the source.” But if the workers have been sent on holidays then it’s probably going to be true very soon.


  5. James Fallows is covering this issue fairly well.

    Here’s a link to a more recent post, but I recommend reading all of them. He’s got things ranging from speculations on China’s future business relationship with the US, to an analysis of the relationship between China, Google, and Haiti.


    Changed the colon to a semicolon and the . to a () to dodge the spam filter.


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