Happy Birthday, ChinaGeeks!

Today marks the one-year anniversary of this humble blog, which burst onto the scene with a historical post about the atrocities committed at Unit 731 that virtually no one read.

In terms of growth, we’re fast-approaching our 100,000th visitor to the website itself, and have over 800 RSS subscribers according to the last count. For some comparison, check out our 100th and 200th posts, which have similar statistical information.

While the blog is back to being just me, much of this blog’s success is owed to contributors Chris Hearne and Michele Scrimenti, who both wrote excellent posts and remain an important part of ChinaGeeks even in their absence.

In any event, this seems as good a time as any to highlight some of my favorite posts of the year. In chronological order:

Thanks are due, of course, to everyone who has linked us over the year (too numerous to mention but check out our blogroll), to everyone who has commented (ditto), and to everyone who has offered help and support behind the scenes. Some exciting things are in the works for the future, and they are going to be very good for you, reader of China blogs!

Here’s hoping the next year of ChinaGeeks brings more talented contributors, and fewer depressing stories! If you want to help out, please read this and join us!

0 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, ChinaGeeks!”

  1. A very productive first year, Custer, with only a few fenqing trolls to spoil the party.

    Let’s hope they grow up or move on to pastures new.

    thank god you are here as a counterbalance. wahaha and s’s respective love of ccp and contempt of white people is only matched by your paranoid hatred for the chinese.


  2. Congratulations! I came across your blog about six months ago and have very much enjoyed it ever since. It’s at the top of my RSS reader’s “China” folder. Keep up the great work.


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