Hecaitou Blocked?

Danwei reports (via GVO) that Hecaitou’s two blogs have been blocked by the net nanny, but our (very unoffical) tests indicated it was accessible in Harbin, China, as of 1:20 PM Sunday, January 3rd (Beijing time). Can those of you in China confirm or deny that the sites are still accessible? Herdict, as of that same time, had no reports of Hecaitou being blocked.

Danwei also reported that Lian Yue’s site was blocked, but that didn’t load for us even in the United States, so perhaps there is another issue there.

If this is true, not an auspicious start to the new year for those interested in free speech. Still, it seems as though perhaps the sites aren’t blocked (or aren’t blocked anymore). We await your reports (please be sure to note where you are in China, as well).

0 thoughts on “Hecaitou Blocked?”

  1. Yes, neither Hercaitou site is accessible from Shanghai.

    Lianyue.net has been shut down. Its service provider was hichina.com (中国万网), which is based in Beijing, a subsidiary of Alibaba, it seems.

    长平’s website is blocked, too. But it’s hosted outside of China, the site itself is still up.

    This all came about because they were discussing the Liu Xiaobo case on their sites.

    Domain Name ………………… lianyue.net
    Name Server ………………… dns19.hichina.com
    Technical Organization ………. HiChina Web Solutions Limited
    Technical Address …………… 3/F., HiChina Mansion
    No.27 Gulouwai Avenue
    Dongcheng District
    Technical City ……………… Beijing
    Technical Province/State …….. Beijing



  2. The Hecaitou blogs were inaccessible (Hebei province), but accessible through proxy. Lian Yue was not accessible even with a proxy, so perhaps it’s another issue.


  3. Hecaitou was inaccessible for me in Suzhou. Accessible through freegate.

    Lian Yue’s site, like Matt said, seems to have been dismantled entirely. Guess those censorship predictions are coming true all too quickly.


  4. There seems to be a redoubled effort to block information after the Liu case. There’s been a lot of discussion of the Liu case on Twitter, which probably made the relevant departments upset.


  5. China Geeks just became unblocked again. Seems that they are rejiggering the GFW. There’s some discussion on Twitter about that. See Chang Ping’s twitter page.


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