“Am I a Master Criminal?”

This is a translation of this post by Liu Xiaoyuan.


Yesterday afternoon, I suddenly received a phone call from a government department. The person [calling] knew my personality, and didn’t adopt the same measures as last year, [instead of] making me come speak with them in person, they called me and chatted with me for nearly half an hour.

The cause of this disaster was, again, my blog.

Around a month earlier, Wang somebody had sent me an email talking about the strange case of his mother. [She was] unceasingly writing appeals of a case to the higher-ups, and eventually some center decided that rather than coming to some kind of compensation agreement, she would just not be allowed to report to the authorities. After this agreement was made, his mother continued to complain to authorities. If she wasn’t running to high courts, then she was going to the supreme court. Many years of reporting to courts had given the district court a headache, and they finally reported a case of blackmail and extortion to the local PSB office.

Hearing this story from him, I was very shocked, and asked him to send the relevant supporting evidence. After receiving the evidence, I wrote a blog post commenting on the situation. The strangest part of the case was that it ended up being tried at the came court that had reported [the “blackmail”], so there was obviously a serious problem with the case. It’s as if I were to accuse you of blackmail, and then I was also the one to judge you. If the “victim” is [the one judging the case] can the outcome be just and impartial? This violates the Code of Criminal Law’s stipulation on the [victim] withdrawing [i.e., not being involved in the judging of a case].

[Having written] this kind of exposing-the-true-nature piece, I was subjected again to “speech education” a month and a half later, which was unexpected. But I wonder, if other people weren’t demanding it, would the Beijing government department still be “educating” me?

They asked me whether or not I was acting as a representative in the case. I said I had not accepted it [the case] and that the parties involved had chosen a lawyer from Shandong. They said, this is a sensitive case and if you’re going to serve as a representative you need to handle it according to the law. Why I couldn’t understand was: why would a case involving law enforcement departments become a sensitive case?

I know that when representing someone in a so-called sensitive case, you must first pass government approval. They still said gravely, if you weren’t representing anyway, it’s still better not to speculate, lest the media find out and start speculating, too.

I said, if the media wants to pay attention and speculate about things, I cannot control that, it’s their business. Writing a blog post with my commentary is exercising freedom of speech. I wrote two posts about this case, that wouldn’t just turn into rampant speculation, would it? If a reporter reads it, thinks it’s newsworthy and heads out to collect more information, that isn’t my fault! The real “master criminal” is not me, but the people who create cases like this!

If they could deal with the case according to the law, and remove the plaintiff from judging the case according to the law, I would have no way of calling anything into question. Of course, their meaning was that if I didn’t write a blog post, a reporter wouldn’t be able to see it, and thus won’t go off to interview and report. Only looking at it from this angle am I a “Master Criminal”.

Their searching me out to speak with me came from good intentions. They advised me: next time, be a little more discreet, don’t write this kind of blog post. I said, when I see or encounter injustice and inequality, if I don’t even dare to speak about it, ignore it, adopt a superior attitude as though I were above it, those who enforce the law unjustly will achieve even more of their dreams. If they’re afraid the people will criticize and call things into question, then they should just not do anything illegal!

I told them, me writing a blog post calling an injustice into question really isn’t the same as serving as a [legal] representative or a “savior”; I have neither the ability nor the sense of righteousness. By my personality dictates that if I see or encounter this kind of thing, even if I have “absurd complaints” I will post them. Nothing can be done about this, except for completely closing my blog.

This case has already been granted an open session in court, perhaps because of how I exposed it; it has been given over to an external court to handle, the original court has withdrawn. I heard a reporter saw my blog post, and begun researching the case. From this we can see that I really have become a “Master Criminal.”


I’ll take the sofa, support lawyer Liu, freedom of speech!

I strongly support the government perverting the laws, these days a government that doesn’t pervert the laws isn’t a government.

Why does the media have to report something for [the courts] to follow the correct procedure?

China these days is too sensitive…

Ha ha! After ha haing, I’m speechless…

0 thoughts on ““Am I a Master Criminal?””

  1. Could we have a bit more background on Liu Xiaoyuan? Or anything about what case this is? I did only read it quickly, but it seems somewhat out of context to me.


  2. Yes, if I get time I’ll find the original posts he’s talking about and translate them, but this week is INSANELY busy. He’s a lawyer; I don’t know a ton about him myself, I just thought it was interesting.


  3. [She was] unceasingly writing appeals of a case to the higher-ups, and eventually some center decided that rather than coming to some kind of compensation agreement, she would just not be allowed to report to the authorities.


    The above is very suspecious.

    It seems to me that Wang’s mother wouldnt accept the compensation government suggested.

    If compensation offered by government was not reasonable, it was an issue of free speech.

    If compensation offered by government was reasonable, it was an issue that if unreasonable request is allowed.


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