Li Chunhua is Back Home!

You may remember the name Li Chunhua from one of our previous posts, “Return My Sister Li Chunhua!” It’s been a while, so here’s the gist of it, from our July 4th translation:

At 1:00 A.M. on June 26th, Li Shulian and Li Chunhua (ordinary Shandong women who went to Beijing to appeal to authorities) [were kidnapped] by Longkou City Court officials and thugs from the local government. More than ten armed men broke into the room the women were renting in Beijing and kidnapped them, dragging them out naked and taking them back to Shandong. Li Shulian risked her life trying to escape and return to Beijing to report [this], but…hasn’t seen so much as a shadow of her sister. As of July 3rd, Shulian was inquiring everywhere, but still found no trace.


She’s from Longkou, Yantai, Shandong, living in the Lutou township behind the temple. This year, she is 49 years old. Because her husband was beaten so badly he became mentally disabled, she felt the police had handled things unfairly and sought an audience [with higher authorities in Shandong].

On April 5, 2007, she was illegally detained for seeking to report this. Afterwards, she began writing requests and appeals via the internet, but the situation never was resolved.

On the morning of June 2nd, 2008, she went to the provincial Public Security Hall to report again, but was rejected for “not listening patiently to the worker’s explanation, and instead shouting loudly. Also blocking the complainants’ window, attracting a crowd, and seriously interfering with order in the P.S.H.” and escorted back to Longkou, where she was punished with seven days of “administrative detention”.

When Li Chunhua was being detained, her toes were bound with wire, she was shackled to an iron chair and then tortured using electrocution!

This time, when Li Chunhua was going to Beijing to report to the authorities, she was trying to report them for illegally using electricity to torture a citizen!

The good news is that according to this post by Wang Keqin, Li Chunhua is home now (our translation):

At 11:00 P.M. on October 5th, I got in contact with Li Chunhua and Wang Shouxian. They told me they are already home.

They explained that on the morning of the 5th at around 3:30 A.M., they were taken from the Baiwang Hostel near the newspaper office and brought to the Pingxi government substation in Changping district. At the substation, they were closed in a room, but were not interrogated, just guarded by two men.

At around 7 A.M., three workers from the Longkou-Beijing Government Bureau, complaints office, and PSB (two men, one woman in total) came to the substation and, using a minibus, took the Li Chunhua and Wang Shouxian back to Longkou. On the ride back, the two weren’t interrogated. In fact, the workers didn’t even speak to them.

At around 6 P.M., the bus arrived in the Beima township in Longkou and Wang Shouxian was taken to the PSB substation there. At perhaps 8:00 P.M., Wang Shouxian arrived home safely.

Not long after, Li Chunhua was taken to the Lutou substation. There, she was questioned a bit more, for example [they asked] “why were you reporting the authorities”, etc. etc., and was told that bypassing the immediate authorities and going straight to the top was illegal. After, she was released. Relatively late in the day, Li Chunhua got home.

We don’t see a lot of good news about this kind of stuff. Here’s hoping Li Chunhua has seen the last of her troubles, and that she ultimately finds some justice — or perhaps has already found it — for her poor husband.

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