ChinaGeeks Blocked in China?

Perhaps it was just a matter of time. We’re receiving unconfirmed reports that the site is inaccessible in China without a proxy. Can anyone confirm or, as they say, disconfirm this? We hope it’s not true, but fear that it is.

UPDATE: Well, it sounds as though we’ve been GFW’ed. At least we’re in good company. Anyway, get your proxies loaded, folks, because we’re not going anywhere. Here’s hoping we get unblocked someday (maybe after all the anniversaries this year they’ll relax things a bit).

0 thoughts on “ChinaGeeks Blocked in China?”

  1. sad to hear this. but as said above, you can still read this site using google reader, and any other website that is blocked. although leaving comments requires a proxy.


  2. I think I saw some news somewhere which says that GFW will have a different system later. The one now works with a blacklist, which means that all the sites on that list will be blocked in someway. But the different system they maybe going to use later will be a white list, which means that only the sites that are listed will be accessed by the netizens in China without using a proxy, and ones that are not will automatically blocked.
    Let’s hope that it won’t happen. The situation now already sucks.


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