New Scapegoat for the Xinjiang Riots: America?

Apparently. According to the Middle Eastern Media Research Institute, not everyone is content with blaming the WUC or the CCP for the riots in Xinjiang last month, so the Syrian government has introduced a new three-letter acronym to blame: USA.

From the article (an editorial in the state-owned Al-Thawra):

While the G-8 countries were preparing for their [July 8-10, 2009] summit in Italy, and counting on China to help resolve the economic crisis that has beset them, and on the eve of Obama’s [July 6-8, 2009] visit to Moscow, the U.S. started to employ its usual dirty old [tricks] to pressure China. [That is,] it triggered rioting in Xinjiang province, [which is populated by members of the Muslim] Uighur [minority].

The strange paradox is that those [who are now pretending to] defend the Muslims’ rights throughout the world showed no interest, and did not demand a U.N. Security Council meeting, when they witnessed the daily massacres perpetrated by U.S. forces in Afghanistan and Iraq, and did not bat an eye at the extermination of the Muslims in Gaza, which also occurred, and still occurs, on a daily basis.

But wonder of wonders, they set up a great outcry over the Muslims of Xinjiang, who are [actually] victims of riots arranged by dubious circles in the U.S. and the West. The media, which has [always] turned a blind eye, and is still turning a blind eye, to the actions of the U.S. and its allies against Muslims all over the world, was summoned to cover the events [in Xinjiang]. It [continued to] ignore the fact that what was done and is still being done to the Muslims in China and elsewhere is clearly instigated by the U.S.

The U.S. is worried because China is delaying its response to the demand that it purchase American bonds in order to rescue the [failing] U.S. economy. The U.S. knows very well that only China can help it out of its crisis. [Moreover,] the U.S. administration thinks that China is more motivated than any other country to rescue the American economy, because it wants to guarantee the repayment of the [U.S.] debt [to China], which, in Bush’s era, swelled to approximately $700 billion. It is also known that when Obama presented his plan for saving the U.S. economy, he was counting on China.

Well…it’s a theory.

0 thoughts on “New Scapegoat for the Xinjiang Riots: America?”

  1. So let me get things straight: they are saying that the US manipulated thousands of Uyghurs into rioting in Urumqi and killing 100+ in order to have China buy American bonds. I see. And how was that supposed to work? China would be scared to death after the riots and go cry on US shoulder and buy lots of bonds?

    I would say, it was more likely that nationalism would gain strength after the attacks and China would become even tougher in the economic field, while US participation in the Xinjiang riots (real or imagined) would make it less popular for Chinese. Which is what happened to some extent.

    I suppose you meant this as a Sunday joke, but really. Some things are just too much to digest , Al-Thawra duh!


  2. But isn’t Obama Hitler and doesn’t he promote death panels that are out to put down grandmas everywhere? If some Americans themselves believe the “leader of the free world” is a Kenyan fascist Muslim with a deep-seated hatred of white people, how can you blame some crazy Syrians for their nutty hallucinations.


  3. @wooddoo The disappointment comes when it’s government officials (who don’t have to pander to stay in power) instead of out of touch yokelers who are making the mistake. And by “mistake,” and mean “filling the air with inane, baseless anti-American sentiment to distract the outside world and (mostly) their own people (who they oppress) from their own issues. It would be funny, if it wasn’t effective at what it was meant to do.

    I’m going to toss this on the same pile as that Indian guy from a couple of months ago who thinks China’s going to attack them by 2012: statements that are nonsensical on their own merits but that fit into a domestic agenda.


  4. Oh I wasn’t condoning the insane Syrians at the editorial board of that state-owned newspaper. But outlandish (literally, in the birther movement) claims do get traction. Sarah Palin with her fear of death panels and Glenn Beck with his racialist “insights” are well educated and well informed. They are no yokelers, just as the editors at Al-Thawra. This is going off topic so I’ll stop talking about American politics.


  5. This is a theory that has has teeth. US Through NED have been funding terrorists around the world for decades. They are the single largest financial donor to the Xinjiang terrorist Kadeer and her organization.


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