Xu Zhiyong Has Disappeared

You may already be aware of this. If you aren’t, we’d like to direct you to Evan Osnos’s blog, which does such a great job it would be pointless for us to bother rewriting the story at all. So we won’t, but please do click below:

“Where is Xu Zhiyong?”

Also of interest, perhaps, is a short poem about it on Lost Laowai (which is usually pretty apolitical).

0 thoughts on “Xu Zhiyong Has Disappeared”

  1. According to James Fallows, the reason given for this detainment, and the closing of other similar civil rights groups is in preparation for the 60th anniversary of the founding of the PRC. So now, they’re tightening because of the anniversary. Earlier this year, they tightened because of the 20th anniversary of Tiananmen. They also tightened because of the People’s Congress. I can’t remember if they tightened last year in the 4th quarter, but there was a huge tightening in the lead-up and after the Olympics.

    This series of continuous tightening is, of course, familiar to Americans with the idea that the threat level is easy to raise, but nearly impossible to bring down.


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