Video Time: Tibetans on Tibet and the Olympics

Remember near the end of the year in grade school when your teachers got sick of teaching and showed vaguely educational movies? That’s sort of what this is like. We’re too busy to post something real at the moment, so we pass along this thirty-minute video we got from Woeser’s site. It’s not particularly new or anything, but it is interesting.

In unrelated news, readers of Chinese may want to check out this post, which follows up on this post of ours earlier about the still-missing Li Chunhua. We plan to translate it if we can find some time in the next couple days, but nothing is guaranteed.

0 thoughts on “Video Time: Tibetans on Tibet and the Olympics”

  1. I’m surprised he could only find 25 minutes of cherry-picked scenes considering the “widespread opposition” to China in Tibet.

    The Dalai Lama has such a strong connection with every single living creature on the Tibetan plateau, that if he simply willed it, they would all rise up (including the sparrows and horses) and overthrow China easily.

    Luckily the Dalai Lama is a peaceful man.


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