Xinjiang Riots: The Two Extremes

Much has been said here (and elsewhere) about the rioting in Xinjiang, where the situation remains unresolved and violent rioters/protesters/whatever have been threatened with the death penalty. Hu Jintao has ditched the G-8 summit and come back to China. It is undoubtedly the topic of choice, and you’ve probably already read a lot of intelligent stuff about it, so let’s check in with the raving lunatics!

In one corner, we have the heavyweight defending champs, the People’s Daily — reviled and mocked mouthpiece of the Party, making explicit the connection that everyone knew they were driving at: “Rebiya Kadeer: a Uighur Dalai Lama“:

Rebiya Kadeer, presiding over the ‘World Uighur Congress’ and the ‘Uighur American Association,’ denied the accusation of masterminding the July 5th Urumqi bloody riots. But what she did, in her so-called exile since 2005, has manifested as clear as daylight that she is an ironclad separatist colluding with terrorists and Islamic extremists and an instigator unceasingly fanning unrest among her followers within and outside of China.


Mud is mud, as the old saying goes. When Kadeer made a sensational phone call to her followers in Xinjiang on the very bloody day instructing them to mobilize the local outlaws to launch ‘something more courageous and even bigger,’ and when she drew upon the Internet in the days gone by to wide spread her separatist ideas and encourage sacrifice of the Uighurs for the ‘Independence of East Turkistan,’ the true color of a separatist has been thoroughly unveiled. And when, on July 5th and in the apparently preempted and premeditated plot which quickly spiraled into a tragic riot, a baby boy was witnessed smashed to death by a stray brick in his mother’s arms, innocent passers-by were mutilated by choppers and swards wielded by the outlaws, and a lot more people were put out of business as their premises and lifework were destroyed within the horrifying three hours, the ferocious terrorist nature of Rebiya Kadeer group has been completely unmasked.

Wow, an innocent infant killed in his mother’s arms by the violence. Well done, People’s Daily. So how does the scrappy newcomer, the World Uighur Conference stand up? With an appeal to “stop the ethnic massacre in East Turkistan“:

According to the latest news the World Uyghur Congress obtained directly from East Turkistan, Uyghurs in Urumchi are not only facing brutal massacre at the hands of the Chinese armed forces and police but also from Chinese civilians who have started to engage in a mass slaughter of the Uyghurs.

Chinese civilians, using clubs, bars, knives and machetes, are killing the Uyghurs throughout East Turkistan. They are storming the university dormitories, Uyghur residential homes, workplaces and organizations, and massacring children, women and elderly.

According to the latest news the World Uyghur Congress obtained about one hour ago, one Uighur young man was mutilated on Dongbeilu. A Uighur woman who was carrying a baby in her arms was mutilated along with her infant baby on Huanghelu. Over 1,000 ethnic Han Chinese armed with knives and machetes marched into Xinjiang Medical University and engaged in a mass killing of the Uyghurs. Two Uyghur female students were beheaded; their heads were placed on a stake on the middle of the street. In Railroad factory, Ergong subdivision, ethnic Han Chinese began searching for Uighurs and upon finding them, killed them in mass numbers. The World Uyghur Congress headquarters has received many disturbing news reports stating the above.

Wow, an innocent infant killed in his…wait, this is starting to sound familiar. It’s hard to decide whose report is more absurd. I suppose it depends whose side the baby was on.

Postscript: If posts like this cause you to lose your faith in humanity, I offer you this brief bit from a very long post on Hecaitou’s site. It comes from a letter Caitou received from someone in Xinjiang:

May Allah bless and protect everyone, regardless of their race, skin color, or native tongue. If, one day, we can really make it to Heaven to be with Allah, Jesus, Buddha, and all the other immortals, I fully believe we will discover that they have been one family from the very beginning, speaking the same language.

Here’s hoping everyone is safe and the situation can be resolved quickly and without further bloodshed.

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  1. Update:

    My friend called yesterday and he’d been bored out of his mind in his room. His news sources say another riot in another city killed 17 people or so, but due to effective information control it hasn’t been known to or confirmed by the media yet.


  2. Let those uighur muslim terrorists go to the hell with 12 fucked up fatass chicks and tell Allah who also lives in hell to suck chinese ppl’s bunghole!


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