Surveilling the Surveillance: Ai Weiwei Photos

UPDATE: These photos have been removed. Apologies. -ed.

Recently, there have been a fair number of photos on Ai Weiwei’s blog. And they aren’t of candles! Indeed, they’ve all been fairly interesting, so we’re going to post them here in case you missed them. We’ve ordered them from most recent to least recent, the titles are translations of the titles of his posts, which have no text, only photos.

Some of the photos document evidence of the people monitoring Ai Weiwei’s movements, some of them are more obvious expressions of defiance…

WARNING: Some of these photos may be NSFW/NSF people who don’t like seeing fat, middle-aged men more or less naked.

It’s getting bigger every day 6/08/09

[Security] Monitor 6/07/09

[There are lots of photos in this post, but they’re mostly the same so we’ve chosen a representative sample.]

Monitors, the guy in photo number 7?

[Again, some of these photos are repetitive, so we’re posting a sample. For the whole thing, go here.

The titular seventh photo
The titular seventh photo

Jump Again 6/05/08

[Our more, ahem, discerning readers will note that the thing Ai is holding in front of his, er, crotch is in fact the mythical Grass Mud Horse.]

Having Technical Difficulties 6/04/09

Photos from 15 Years Ago 6/4/09

[Originally this was two posts, titled “A Photo from 15 Years Ago” and “Another Photo from 15 Years Ago“]

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