The 100th Post!

Yes, that’s right, there are now officially 100 posts under ChinaGeeks’ collective belt. Here’s hoping we make it to 1,000! It feels a little strange celebrating this even as the situation of Ai Weiwei, a man I’ve come to feel somewhat strongly about after spending so much time reading and translating his work, is unknown. I hope deeply that he is both safe and free, but I fear he may be neither. Anyway, in the absence of any real news about that, I thought I’d take this opportunity to do a couple things.


First and foremost, I want to thank everyone who has ever linked to a post on this site, and also encourage you to keep doing it! Special thanks are in order to The Peking Duck, EastSouthWestNorth, and Danwei, who have all linked us repeatedly and sent a fair amount of traffic in our direction. A special thanks also to CNReviews, who went to far as to interview me about the blog.

Of course, I also want to thank our contributors, Chris Hearne and Michele Scrimenti, who have thusfar done an excellent job and made my life much easier. And, as always, if you’re interested in becoming a contributor, we’re always looking.

Next, I’d like to call everyone’s attention to our ever-growing blogroll, which is here. There are a ton of great sites on there, both in English and Chinese, and this site wouldn’t exist without them. They all deserve my heartfelt thanks, and your attention if you aren’t reading them already.

Thanks, too, to the creators of all the tools we use. Personally, I find Wenlin an indispensable tool for translating, especially when coupled with and other online dictionaries for more modern stuff and some slang.

Some Cool Stats

I also thought I’d share some information with you about the blog. First of all, were you aware that we are For some reason the redirect doesn’t seem to work in China — at least it never worked for me — but it does everywhere else. Anyway, ChinaGeeks was born in January of 2009, and spent the first two months in relative obscurity. Thanks in large part to certain posts, traffic picked up significantly in March and has remained higher. To date, we’ve logged nearly 35,000 unique visitors, who have posted nearly 1,000 comments and clicked on the advertisements enough to earn us a solid $7.98. (Thankfully, that number is offset by the massive quantity we’ve raked in from t-shirt sales thusfar: $0.00). Our rating system hasn’t been in place for more than a few months, but so far our posts average a rating of 4.6/5, and comments have an average rating of 3.8. Interestingly, no one has ever rated a post as 2/5. (Who is going to be the funny guy to rate this one 2/5? Eh? Eh?)

As far as contributors go, Chris Hearne has 11 posts, Michele Scrimenti has two, and yours truly is responsible for the remaining 87.

The Future of ChinaGeeks

We hope you enjoy this blog, because we aren’t planning on going anywhere, or changing the formula all that much. We do hope to add to the variety of posts a bit, mixing in more cultural stuff with the politics, and also including relevant book and film reviews. I’d love to increase the frequency of posts as well, but that largely depends on our contributors schedules and whether or not qualified new people show up to help out!

Lastly, we plan to get better. Anyone who has been reading the blog from day one is probably acutely aware (and deeply grateful) for the small improvements in my translation skills, and I hope that will only continue to improve (in terms of translation, I owe a lot to Sinosplice’s excellent translator interview series, which really made me reevaluate the way I was approaching the text). Our understanding of China, too, grows a little deeper with every post we write and every piece we read about China. If you’re thinking about contributing, do it! It may not pay well (OK, it doesn’t pay at all yet), but it’s a great way to force yourself to learn more about China, if that’s something you’re into (and if it isn’t, why are you here?)

With any luck, see you at post 1,000!

-Charlie Custer, Editor-in-Chief

0 thoughts on “The 100th Post!”

  1. Ok I bought one of your “hope is but a road” shirts. It will complement my chinaSMACK shirt quite nicely.

    I’d give you a CNReviews shirt, but we made them in China, and then we ordered sizes that turned out to only fit the tiniest of people. So I proceeded to give them to all the post-90s women and men in China small enough to wear them. And, like most t-shirts in China, they shrunk like crazy. I did get to wear the XXL one at least once before it became too small.


  2. OK, I just received your shirt. So am in possession of the first ChinaGeeks shirt in existence? If so, it is indeed an honor. I will never wear or wash it. Correct your post with the big bucks that you earned of this sale!

    Keep up the good work Custer!


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