Some Housekeeping Notes

Hello, dear readers! If you’ve visited the site today, you may have noticed that posts and comments now both feature a star rating system. Hooray! Now if you like (or hate) a post, you can let us know, and if you like (or hate) a comment, you can let the commenter know too.

You’ll also be noticing an even more low-tech change popping up in our posts in the future: questions. We guarantee nothing, but we’re hoping that ending our articles with questions for you, the reader, will result in you commenting more. We like it when you comment (even, or perhaps especially, when you’re pointing out our flaws).

On a related note, some of you may have seen this humble blog mentioned on CN Reviews today in a piece about the phenomenon of English blogs translating Chinese language content. It’s mostly about the popular and beloved chinaSMACK , as one might expect, but we’re listed as one of their imitators. I’d be mad (we do plenty more than translate, dammit!), but he called us well-written! That and Richard’s kind comments over on Peking Duck were enough to make me create a (largely sarcastic) “Praise” section in the sidebar. (Jeremy Goldkorn, if you’re reading this, please say something nice about us on Danwei?)

Also, the idea of translating comments in addition to the original pieces, which we do sometimes, is totally stolen from chinaSMACK. Sorry, Fauna!

Anyway, the CN Reviews story ends with some suggestions for chinaSMACK, which include getting better hosting (seriously!), being sick less, and getting more contributors (We’re also always looking for new contributors, click here for more info). Distressingly, it also includes this:


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