On Dating Foreigners and Penis Size

[This is a translation of a post on Hecaitou’s blog. We’ll repeat that, since this is the sort of thing that gets foreigners beat up if someone decides we wrote it: THIS IS A TRANSLATION. Moreso than our other translations we’d urge you to check with the original on this if you have any doubts as this was a bit difficult to translate in places. Also, there’s some sexually explicit stuff in here, so put the kids to bed before you read this one.]

UPDATE: As per this story, etc., it seems the human flesh search engines have exposed this “girl” to be a man fabricating the story to get a reaction because he was annoyed at seeing mixed race couples on public transportation. Sorry for not catching it earlier.

Main Post (by Zheng Qiang, a Zhejiang University Professor):

Education should lead China to self-respect. But now when we see foreigners we bow our heads, and girls who see garbage, ordinary foreigners want to be with them. Comrades, in the face of foreigners we have no dignity! Among the my fellow study-abroad students at Tokyo University, I was the only one to come back [to China], but Japanese people honor me for living with spirit and integrity.

Response Post (by a self-described female Zhejiang University student):

At Zhejiang University, there are many girls who, like me, are dating foreigners. I’m young and beautiful, witch excellent grades, and many people pursue me, but I’m dissatisfied with Chinese men. Please tell me, is that not conducting myself with dignity? Loving whom we choose, is this wrong?

One of the most beloved professors at Zhejiang University suddenly said in the middle of a formal speech, “[Our] school has some girls who aren’t conducting themselves with dignity, as soon as they see a garbage, ordinary foreigner they want to be with them.” This sentence directly attacks me, and inconveniences me as those garbage, ordinary Chinese men are now attacking us because of this, and even going after my parents. Today I must post this challenge of authority to scold you.

Because of your speech, men curse and disturb me, saying, is it because the laowai can give you an orgasm more easily?

Yes, so what, I can have an orgasm every night, compared to the dinosaur-women lying by your side not knowing if you’re even in yet because it’s so weak.

Actually, it’s these male students who are being spiritually raped, repeatedly, by the foreigners.

And what do the male students at our school do? Every day, the same three things: flirt with girls, surf the net, play basketball.

Flirt with girls? At other schools I don’t know, but at Zhejiang University all the beautiful, excellent girls are taken by foreigners. First class girls are all sleeping in villas, second class girls are sleeping in hotels and flats, only third class girls can accompany these wretched looking Chinese guys in their tiny dormitory beds, and facing a roommate, fool around a bit. If they’re not ashamed, I’m ashamed for them. Walking on the roads of our school you can tell, you won’t see even a single beautiful girl, the mighty pile of leftovers like half-cooked things, however you look at them they’re like un-evolved dinosaurs. So Chinese men don’t even have the hope of competing; nevermind working the body or mind, it is firstly a complete mental/psychological impotence. There’s nothing to be done, [so] the leftover dinosaurs are all treasures too, oh! Pathetic scholars.

What to do when impotent? Well, there’s surfing the net. Male students, legends and magical beasts in a pile of Korean games, don’t curse girls for liking Korea, aren’t you all relying completely on Korean games for your pleasure, climaxing repeatedly, entranced?

Aside from surfing the net, what can you do? Basketball, why is it basketball and not football? Chinese men all know, because the men’s soccer team don’t even have the spirit to masturbate. They don’t even have the freedom to imagine a climax, so they turn to basketball for their gratification. It’s good and bad that with this they can still have some sexual thoughts. Looking at the basketball courts, this time it’s not just once they’ve been raped by African-americans. In the CBA, it’s all American blacks bullying the Chinese, just watching makes you angry. So they just like to watch the NBA, at least there’s still Yao Ming and A Lian; as a result the male students can have an orgasm again from watching the NBA. In dreams all they want is to weak Nikes, and squeezing into a pair they feel they’re finally worth something. Tsk, and basketballs? They must use Spalding. I watch the NBA too, because my boyfriend does, he says in America there’re no Spaldings under $100, from the beginning no one even thought of the Chinese market, and they’re even sluggish in attacking fakes. But in China 90% of Spaldings are fake, and those that aren’t are low-grade balls, God, the male students have such tastes, wearing fake brand names and playing with fake balls, I can only say, male students: even thinking about sex and touching yourselves can bring orgasm. Actually, everyone knows Nikes are made in China, they’re just passed onto foreigners who sell them directly to you. Tell me, how many people would choose Anta or Li Ning? Who even knows that the Chinese national basketball teams’ official basketball is called “Quanxing”. The advertisements of this ball are also shocking: “National spirit, Quanxing balls.” However one looks, it’s “National stupidity, Quanxing balls”; all together it’s “no-good bastard”.* But it’s a perfect gift for Zhejiang University guys or Professor Zheng.

Subways are collapsing on us, milk is harming the next generation, coal mines are killing people every day, an official who doesn’t embezzle is uncommon. A country like this, Prof. Zheng, does it or does it not suit “National stupidity, Quanxing balls”

Don’t talk about loving my country, my country doesn’t love me, I love its ass.

You say Zhejiang University still has some good, studious Chinese men, yes! They have no standards, some of my female classmates boyfriends dump them as soon as they get into American schools, the tragic result of four years of washing clothes, paying out of pocket, sleeping [with the guys], that’s what’s really low! […] And as soon as they can go abroad they think their dicks are longer, long like a giraffe, their heads lifted, blindly looking forward to marrying whatever wealthy American maiden they can find who will hold their hands and lead them into elite society. They’re dreaming, of their darling America dancing ballet, [but] when you go abroad a toothpick is still a toothpick. Even filling a condom is a miracle, and they feel they’re really something. So, I’d rather marry an African-American and get a green card! Marrying an African-American is the same on the spiritual side, and on the physical side the orgasms are real. So marrying a black American is the result of us conducting ourselves with dignity.

Don’t say again that girls aren’t carrying themselves well, look at the boys! You, Prof. Zheng, are helping them find reasons and write off responsibility with excuses, how did you put it? It’s created in primary school, in primary school the Yin [female] is strong and the Yang [male] is weak. Boys are controlled by the girls. Students are a product line and are being forged starting from kindergarden, true, but you can’t put all the responsibility on the past! Are these the words of a professor who takes responsibility? If you don’t think of a way to make male college students take responsibility, then you’re just giving them an excuse to shirk it. What kind of professor are you, you don’t know how to teach boys, please look at how the military trains its new recruits, how your grandfather spoils you at home, how female teachers are soft with you, and it all comes back. Never mind, scholars never understand the military, you’re just an impractical old scholar; at most you just have a tiny bit of the blood of the [real, upright and courageous] scholars.

Oh right, there’s one more thing I can’t help but say, weren’t you all talking about patriotism? That year when the University smashed a Japanese car, what did Prof. Zheng say: “I drive a Japanese car to promote opposing the Japanese at a high level, it’s like if I bought a Japanese gun during the war and used it to kill Japanese people, it’s the same logic.” I say, “bah!”, what logic is that? Using a gun to attack Japanese is to kill them, your “promotion of opposing the Japanese”, at best, just increases their reputation. Courageous you, buy a Japanese car and use it to crash into Japanese people! Typical masturbatory professor. Really, what kind of professor is this, teaching what kind of students, they’re all no-good bastards. Sorry, I should be a bit more restrained and say it this way: they’re all Quanxing Balls.**

*[This sentence relies on a couple untranslatable puns. The word for stupidity used here, 浑, sounds like the word for “spirit” in the original ad, the name of the company (全兴球) has been changed to 全姓球,then the 浑 and 球 are added to form 浑球,“no-good bastard”.]

**[See above, same pun.]

Some of the Comments from Hecaitou

This girl is definitely from the Northeast, haha!

Don’t insult Northeastern girls.

Girls today…

Watching the video of Professor Song’s [Communist] Party class, I can at most go three minutes before I start cursing.

“Throwing a brick attracts treasure”. The main post is the brick, the response is the treasure. One earthen brick, one absolute treasure.

I’ve never seen such a shameless rabble-rouser like this girl, it really makes on nauseous! I tried to bear it without throwing up and finally finished reading it.

These days even making love wants to get into politics! However, I feel the girls words make more sense than the “professor’s” do. [This commenter used two characters with similar pronunciation to “professor” but that actually read “called beast” to create a pun]

[Edit: Many thanks to Hemulen, I’ve changed the professor’s name from “Song” to “Zheng,” sorry for the confusion…I was pretty tired when I translated this. Also, someone pointed out ChinaSMACK translated a similar piece a while back, the two pieces are not the same but for reference the ChinaSMACK one is here.]

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  2. . . . . . and I’m going to take a random guess that Song Qiang’s Japanese classmates actually thought that he was a jackass – I hope this isn’t going out too much on a limb . . . . .


  3. This reminds me of that essay from (I think?) some Fudan university student about how it’s better to date a foreigner because they’re so “civilized.” I think it’s on Chinasmack somewhere.

    I feel that foreigners tend to think there are more Chinese girls that love foreigners than there really are. This is just because the girls foreigners tend to interact with typically look for us and hang out where we do, so they’re overrepresented. I bet the vast majority of Chinese girls have no special desire to date a laowai.


  4. I also think that Chinese folk think there are more ‘foreigners’ in the sense which terms like ‘老外’ are usually meant (i.e., white folk) living in China than there really are. The foreign-born population of China is less than 0.1 % of the total, and a large part of that total consists of Vietnamese/North Korean refugees, Hong Kongers, Macanese and Taiwanese – so in reality, the actual European/Australasian/American population is more like 1 in 10,000. The idea that all the hot girls in Zhejiang university would be dating white guys is therefore somewhat absurd – most of them will likely never have met a foreigner outside of English class.

    Hell, back in 2003 there were only about 10,000 non-PRC mainland citizens in the whole of Nanjing – a city of more than 6 million people, of whom the over-whelming majority were from Hong Kong or Taiwan. The actual number of young foreigners in the city was small enough that I knew nearly all of them by name – it couldn’t have been more than a few hundred.

    Once you get outside the big cities there are even fewer. Living in Longhua, a town (more of a suburb really) only about 20 miles outside Shenzhen with a population of about 700,000, I literally went 6 months without seeing a non-ethnic Chinese person on the street.


  5. I looked at the original post and you have confused “Zheng” with “Song”. So it should be “Zheng Qiang,” a university professor at Zhe Da. (As it happens Song Qiang is the author of a recent nationalist book, so I was a bit puzzled when I read this post.)


  6. Yeah, it’s on Chinasmack, it’s called, “There are No Men in China Suitable For Me.”

    I have to wonder what kind of university professor makes a speech criticizing a group of women based on their dating choices. Not very professional, if you ask me.


  7. Also, 外国垃圾一般的男人, should be more accurately translated as “men who are like foreign garbage” or more freely, “foreign trash”.


  8. Some Chinese women think foreigners as mysterious like Eve going after the forbidden fruit. If people actually seen enough of them, they are no better than an average Chinese.


  9. My wife (Chinese) says that the “girl” turns out to be a guy who is says he is disgusted by Chinese girls dating foreigners. She said she read it somewhere that the human flesh search engine had outed him. They guy claims to have seen a group of girls at the university with foreign guys and it pissed him off. So he created this thing.

    Why do Chinese guys care? I suspect it is a case of small man syndrome ( http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=small%20man%20syndrome ) but it is disappointing to see. Date whomever you please and who cares what the person’s race or ethnicity is? If it really bothers you then perhaps you need to look at yourself a little closer and perhaps ask why this is so. It isn’t something a secure, confident individual thinks.


  10. @ST, interesting, if you can find a source let me know and I’ll update the post

    @ Can’t date a laowai girl: Yes there are. At least, there are a number of implications that foreigners are more well-endowed.


  11. Yeah, this thing stank from the beginning of the essay. Not surprised it’s a Chinese guy expressing his frustrations.

    I know a bunch of Zhejiang University students, and the foreigners aren’t overly represented. Most of them have foreign girlfriends, actually. All of the high-status girls have daddies who won’t let their little girl date anyone than their chosen husband. Being a foreigner only gets you so far.


  12. Excellent. In the future, I’m going to begin all my comments and letters to friends with “I’m young and beautiful, with excellent grades, and many people pursue me”, to win over the audience’s affections, and just so they know what kind of a person they’re dealing with.


  13. i love the line about the villas, flats and dorms. it’s good to keep it class conscious after all. there must be a community of foreign men living in villas and preying on the 1st class girls of zhejiang university.


  14. There is. They have meetings every Sunday to discuss who will be preyed upon next. It’s right after the beer and baby eating fest.


  15. I feel sorry for the girl who wrote it, maybe what she said was ture, which is sad. But there’s no need to exaggerate the facts just because you’re angry. She is assaulting those who don’t date a foreigner in college, as well as the male students and many other people.


  16. More reading for you:


    Till had been beaten and his eye had been gouged out, before he was shot through the head and thrown into the Tallahatchie River with a 70-pound cotton gin fan tied to his body with barbed wire.

    That’s how whites did things 300 years after close contact with Africans. The natives in the PRC, by contrast, have been exposed to you for only a few decades.

    By comparison I’d say this guy’s post is fairly tame compared to lynchings. Even until 1967 “foreign” men in America weren’t allowed to marry white women (while “Asiatic” wives got away with some loopholes in citizenship).

    Some cognitive dissonance for you I guess 😉


  17. they considered the yellow woman their exclusive toy which they will not share with other men.

    Some expats in China and Japan are infuriated when they see Chinese men dating Chinese women, or Japanese men dating Japanese women. This is why there are so many angry, ungrateful, white supremacist parasites “teaching English” that constantly bash their hosts on internet forums.


  18. Some expats in China and Japan are infuriated when they see Chinese men dating Chinese women, or Japanese men dating Japanese women.

    That is exactly what I have noticed in Hong Kong. One colleague at work complained that he considered a Chinese colleague a weirdo because the Chinese guy was sending flowers to some woman. Obviously there is nothing wrong with that, and completely normal in terms of the dating game, but obviously the white guy’s true thought processes were how could a Chinaman ever think he had a right to a date – even with a Chinese woman.

    Also on the Peak tram not too long ago, a friend and I picked up some Japanese tourist girls. You should have seen the look on these white guy’s faces – the outrage was palpable. Obviously they thought that hitting on and picking up woman was something that they, and no one else did, even while in Asia.

    The casual and unconscious white supremacism of people like ST, here is quite sickening. Worst of all this supremacism is based on simply nothing- whites are legends in their own minds.


  19. This is why there are so many angry, ungrateful, white supremacist parasites “teaching English” that constantly bash their hosts on internet forums.

    Obviously these white parasites are the bottom of the barrel in their own societies.

    Anyone with a proper trade or profession, won’t go round teaching English to bored Asian housewives.

    But they are clever enough to understand that at home they would never even get a white woman to glance at them except with a feeling of disgust, while in Asia, some servile Asian running dogs will give them rock star status.

    Chinese people just gotta wake up. I am gratified to see that more and more are.


  20. If girls aren’t raised to find a “rich” husband, they won’t chase a wallet. This goes for women of any nationality. I know chinese women who are very much in love with their poor foreign boyfriends/husbands who will probably always be poor. They knew he would never be a cash cow. There are plenty of rich Chinese men these girls can go after. Quite frankly in many cases the girls with foreigners are not wanted by Chinese men, they are too educated, have freckles or are not virgins. Foreign men look to marry later in life, travel and tend to pursue our dreams more than Chinese men. Some of the ugliest Chinese girls (by chinese standards) marry African men who love their larger bodies, thicker lips or stronger personalities. Similarly white men may find freckles charming and like a well educated girl rather being threatened by higher education. There are also many Chinese men who have white wives. Only the lowest cousin humping white trash kkk member throws up a fuss about it. These guys (Chinese and kkk) think that if the racial barriers were closed then they would have dozens of women strokin them. Even if no one married outside their “race” These bitter men are still are too stupid or ugly to find a wife themselves. Chinese men, especially southerners make excellent husbands and the more young girls are raised to value character and self respect, the more they will marry for love and for values rather than for financial security.


  21. Well, for most women size does not matter, but libido does. And if you lose it, irrespective of whether you have a pillar or a peanut, you will lose out on the woman you spent a week caressing and fondling into bed! 🙂


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