Our Three Week Hiatus

UPDATE: CCTV building in Beijing caught fire last night. No time to write about this in more detail, check Shanghaiist, ChinaSMACK, CNReviews, and Youku Buzz. The cause is unclear but looks to be stray fireworks from the holiday last night. China Daily has a story here indicating it was a hotel…

It probably bodes poorly for this young blog, but we’ll be taking a three week hiatus because I’ll be traveling for the next three weeks (Chengdu, Xi’an, Luoyang, Zhengzhou, Kaifeng) and none of you have offered to help yet. There may be some updates during that time, but our near-daily posting schedule will resume March 2.

In the meantime, we’d like to call your attention to some things. First, I’d like to thank all the respectable China blogs that have linked here even though the blog is extremely new. EastSouthNorthWest has linked us several times. The Wall Street Journal’s China blog linked us, as did Global Voices Online, and Mutant Palm, among others. The traffic you’ve directed this way is the lifeblood of this still-nascent operation.

I’d also like to thank all the commenters who have chimed in, and would encourage them to keep doing so in the future.

So, what can you do while we’re not posting so often. Well, check out our list of recommended sites to see if there are any China blogs missing from your RSS feed. Browse our archives, which date back to Jan 10 and include some worthwhile stuff that has been overlooked, I think. Check out our store and buy a t-shirt.

Or write something for the site and email it to me (custerc at gmail dot com). I’ll be checking my email every few days and would love to post some guest pieces from the road if anyone is at all interested.

I wish you all a happy February, we’ll see you again in March.

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