Recommended Reading

As anyone reading this blog is probably aware, there are a ton of valuable China related sites out there. Here’s a list of the ones we read regularly, or at least, most of them. This page will be edited regularly to add new blogs as we find them.

General China Blogs – Chinese media, advertising, and urban life. One of the most popular and respected China blogs.
Shanghaiist – Shanghai news and reviews as well as general China news, updated multiple times/day.
EastSouthWestNorth – Aggregator of worthwhile China news in both English and Chinese, also provides skilled commentary and research on China, absolutely indispensable.
The Useless Tree – Ancient Chinese Thought in Modern American Life. Not always a “China” blog, per se, but always worth reading.
ChinaSMACK – Translates popular BBS forum posts and other hot topics on the Chinese internet along with the comments of Chinese netizens, extremely interesting.
Youku Buzz – A daily(ish) review of the hottest/most interesting videos on popular Chinese video-sharing site Youku.
Lost Laowai – China expat group blog, always interesting and often funny.
A Modern Lei Feng – Interesting commentary/analysis on a wide variety of China issues.
Black and White Cat – Sporadically updated, but when they post something, it’s worth reading.
Chinayouren – Another general China blog, always interesting and sometimes has some good original research.
The Peking Duck – Another “classic” China blog, frequently updated and always good.
James Fallows – (of The Atlantic magazine) thoughtful and interesting dispatches from and (usually) about China.
Imagethief – Another great blog covering a variety of topics
Mutant Palm – Not always frequently updated, but great when it is, full of interesting posts.
Jottings from the Granite Studio – Ruminations on current events, often with a historical comparison or context, another infrequently updated but great one.
Fool’s Mountain – Yet another “classic”, great general China blog.
Alice Poon – Her China Current Events posts for the Asia Sentinel are always worth reading.
CNReviews – “…a blog about China’s technology, travel, entrepreneurship, and the blogosphere”, worthwhile.
China Hearsay – Commentary on China Law, Economics, and Business
China Dialogue – Great feature pieces, everything on the site is bilingual too.
Pomfret’s China – China commentary from John Pomfret, who works for Newsweek/the Washington Post.
Letter From China – Evan Osnos’s New Yorker China blog.
The China Beat – Yet another general China blog absolutely worth reading.
Wall Street Journal China Blog – Exactly what the name says, often very good.
Zhongnanhai – Another great China blog.
Xinjiang: Far West China – Sometimes-personal blog on general China issues, especially issues in Xinjiang, but currently blocked in the PRC (unclear why).
China Media Project – Pretty much what it sounds like
Bendi Laowai – Sometimes personal, sometimes more general China news.
The China Blog TIME – A China blog by TIME magazine.
Digital Marketing Inner Circle – Tech blog focusing especially on China internet stuff.
The Foreign Expert – News, Translations, Etc.
James Reynolds – The BBC’s Beijing correspondent shares his thoughts on China.
Absurdity, Allegory, and China – “The Kingdom from another angle.”
RConversation – Former CNN Beijing Bureau Chief Rebecca MacKinnon’s blog, very good but blocked in China.
Sinologistical Violoncellist – Chinese-North Korean relations, Chinese nationalism, and other assorted issues related to Chinese foreign policy and culture.
ChinaHush – Very much like ChinaSMACK, posts popular Chinese BBS forum posts and netizen comments.
China Law Blog – Pretty self-explanitory.
More to come…

China News Sources (English)

Xinhua (English) – Official state wire service.
People’s Daily – The mouthpiece of the CCP. Useful if you’re interested in what the CCP has to say.
Asia Sentinel – Online newspaper covering all kinds of topics relevant to Asia.
China Daily – The other English-language Mainland China newspaper.
China Alltop – Aggregator of the latest news stories and posts from all the best China blogs and news sites.
South China Morning Post – HK-based newspaper, requires a subscription though.
New York Times Stories Tagged “China” – For those interested in how China plays in the West.
China Digital Times – Aggregator of China news, also does some original reporting. Great, but currently blocked in China.

China News Sources (Chinese)

新华网 - Official State wire service.
中工网 – Worker’s newspaper
南都网 - Another newspaper
China Weekly – Weekly magazine with longer feature pieces.
求是理论网 - Pro-CCP magazine.
(currently looking for suggestions!)

Personal China Blogs

Sinosplice – John Pasden’s (ChinesePod) personal blog, one of the oldest personal China blogs
This Ridiculous World – Brilliantly satirical expat blog, a must-read for anyone who lives or has ever lived in China.
MyLaowai – Controversial, offensive, but often very funny. This line sold me: “For a country that has a pathological loathing of queues, it is amazing how popular QQ is.”
American Expatriate – My own personal China blog.
Think6 – Interesting and often political blog of a BeiDa Chinese student
fifty 5 – Adam Schockora’s blog on Chinese media, especially creative artsy type stuff.
Inside-out China – Personal blog of Xujun Eberlein, lots of great posts about Chinese history, often from a personal perspective.

Chinese Language Blogs

钱烈宪要发言 – This link is currently dead and the site hadn’t been updated following a stabbing incident. Anyone know where it went?
天涯周报更多 – An aggregator for some interesting stuff on Tianya.
24 Hour Blogbus – Interesting stories about common people, etc.
不许联想 – The best blog motto ever: “Value your life. Stay far away from blogs.”
Hecaitou – Very popular blogger who covers all types of stuff.
Li Yinhe – Li is a sexologist and the widow of Wang Xiaobo.
Honghuang – Another very popular blog.
Yin Lichuan – Modern poet, writer, and filmmaker.
很黄很暴力 - 90% porn, 10% dissident writing, tagged as either “very yellow” or “very violent”, respectively. This link leads only to “very violent” posts, be warned that the “very yellow” posts are also very NSFW.
Ai Weiwei – The blog of a famous artist with a political streak.
看不见的西藏 – Woeser, the most famous Chinese-language Tibetan blogger; unfortunately this blog is currently blocked in China.
胡泳的BLOG – Hu Yong’s blog, worth reading.
Tiger Temple – Similar content (sometimes the same) as 24 Hour Blogbus.
Isaac Mao – Technology and lots of other stuff.
毛新宇 – Grandson of Mao Zedong blogs about pretty much exactly what you might expect Mao Zedong’s grandson to blog about.
(currently looking for suggestions!)
刘晓原 - Personal blog of lawyer Liu Xiaoyuan.
阮一峰 - Ruan Yifeng’s blog, lots of economic/business stuff.
Anti-CNN – Essays and BBS forums mainly focused on criticizing Western media coverage of China.
愤青网 - Essays and BBS forums for China’s “angry youth”.
Fuck the World – A very pro-CCP youth blog, hasn’t updated in a while though.
Amoiist – Popular twitter account, he was arrested some time ago and used this account to get help from netizens who pressured police for his release.
韩寒 – One of China’s most popular bloggers.
章文的博客 – Blog of reporter Zhang Wen, he often posts about major issues pertaining to China.
王克勤 – Another reporter with some very interesting posts on Chinese social issues.
赵世龙 – Chinese issues, often with helpful and/or amusing images
谁是谁非– Personal blog of Chang Ping
王大豪:新疆民族观察 – A blog about ethnic minorities in Xinjiang