Obama Censored in China

Yesterday, Obama was sworn in and became the 44th President of the United States of America, but the speech he gave was a little bit shorter for those that happened to be watching along on CCTV or following up later on the internet.

Specifically, when Obama mentioned America facing down communism, the CCTV anchor scrambled to cover it and then the coverage cut away entirely. And apparently after-the-fact translations and videos from various Chinese sources omit the line altogether.

This story has already been covered by a variety of other fine China websites, so rather than rehashing — and really there isn’t much to cover beyond the obvious anyway — here are some links:
China Censors Obama’s Reference to Communism (Reuters)
References to communism, dissent in Obama speech censored by Chinese media (Shanghaiist)
Obama’s inaguration speech slightly abridged for Chinese audiences (Imagethief)
Obama Speech Censored in China (Lost Laowai)
CCTV cuts broadcast of Obama address (Danwei)
The First Lies About President Obama (Chinayouren)

Here’s the video of CCTV’s broadcast of the speech:

Youku Buzz also has the full video of the speech with Chinese subtitles and the censored part left in.

Also of interest
2009, A Time to Remember? (Asia Sentinel): A great essay about history and memory translated by Alice Poon.
“Human Flesh Search Engines” banned in Xuzhou: stories in the Straits Times and on ChinaSMACK.
Third Confirmed Death from Bird Flu in a Month (Shanghaiist)

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