“Serf Liberation Day”

58 years ago, Communist troops entered Tibet. What happened thereafter is the subject of much controversy; suffice it to say that some people feel things went badly. Chinese government mouthpiece the People’s Daily? Unsurprisingly, not among them.

On January 11th, the People’s Daily reported that Tibet’s regional government was planning to set a date to commemorate the “emancipation of millions of serfs and slaves 50 years ago after the central government foiled an attempted armed rebellion led by the Dalai Lama and his aristocratic supporters.”

Apparently, they may be voting on the day right now:

The holiday will be decided on by the 2nd annual session of the 9th Tibet Regional People’s Congress to be held from Jan. 14 to Jan. 19, said Pang Boyong, deputy secretary-general of the Regional Congress Standing Committee.

The bill set forth by the Standing Committee of the Regional People’s Congress is aimed at “reminding all the Chinese people, including Tibetans, of the landmark democratic reform initiated 50 years ago,” he said.

Some may recall some Tibetans in Lhasa held their own “celebration” last year for their uprising’s 49th anniversary; it appears the Chinese government has plans to do things a bit differently come this year.

Update: Xinhua (via Fox News) reports the legislation has recommended the holiday fall on March 28th, “the date in 1959 when China announced the dissolution of the Tibetan government.”

Update 2: Shanghaiist has further coverage of the holiday, including links to some commentary and a video of the CCTV-9 (English) report, which includes a history lesson from the CCP.

Other recent Tibet news, as reported in the People’s Daily
Tibet opens annual parliament session to foreign journalists. (Jan 11)
Tibet plans to build first expressway. (Jan 16)

Also of Interest
Chinese government asks auction houses to withdraw artifacts stolen from China in the 1800s, auction houses suggest buying back the relics. (NY Times, h/t to Jottings from the Granite Studio for spotting this one)

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